Friday, June 11, 2021

Refinance update Daughter 4 update

 we are now in what they call the processing stage of the loan. For those that don't know what that means... they are verifying that the information we provided is correct and that there is nothing showing that we didn't provide (aka bad credit on your credit score and I have our credit reports so that's not an issue).

Closing is suppose to be mid July. Our mortgage guy is trying to get it wrapped up by end of June as we are in a "don't spend" much part of the loan. I asked what they would consider much due to having cement delivered and Amish needing paid when they do the basement ramp at the end of the month... that is okay I guess since it is maintenance for the house. 

The appraiser is coming Tuesday at 3. It was decided it was a good choice to have one. There was a possibility of not since we are refinancing through the same mortgage company and it was appraised less than 3 yrs ago. Our mortgage guy pushed for it to be reappraised. One we have done tons of work and two house values have went up.  I have to write up everything we have done and give copy of the receipts to the appraiser. Making second copy for tax file at request of our tax preparer so when (if we sell or the kids do) there is proof to lower capital gains or something along that line. Brother had fits when he couldn't prove Daddy installed STEEL siding when he was filing taxes on Daddy's estate.

Daughter 4 came up and boxed non food stuff I had in the one bedroom. I moved it to the barn. She was in a good mood... was worried about trying to find work after she recovered and the company she worked at before Amazon (like 2-3 times) called and asked if she would like to have a job. They told her to apply in August (with her doctor's release and any restrictions). She can go back on 3rd at starting rate of $20 +/hr. Which is $5/hr. more than what she was earning when she left to go to a better paying job. There is 401K, health benefits etc. She has a good chance of getting back in. That's helping her mentally.  She is now focused on getting her divorce (they have been separated 10 yrs but he keeps disappearing when she gets his address). Hubby told her to get it done and move on with her life. She just got stuck with a bill of his and his girlfriend for their rent and ended up in court over it. YES LEGALLY she is responsible for his unpaid bills  BUT the judge said since she did NOT sign the lease nor live there at any time, he dismissed the case. Which triggered Hubby to tell her to get the divorce. He is paying for it and putting it on her loan. 

Her cancer surgery is June 24th. They are removing ovary and now a tumor that was found on the bottom of her stomach in the lining. She thought she was having a gallbladder attack so they scanned her. Cancer doctor has agreed to take tumor out at the same time but instead of just radiation 5 days a week for 4 weeks she will also take a chemo pill at bed time (she does better with it at night) every night for 4 weeks. THEN she has to do 4 weeks physical therapy to rebuild her strength which I can tell you isn't up as much as she thought it was. She was informing PT today she couldn't keep up with her OLD mom who just had hip replaced. I told her to quit sitting zoning out on the tv and get out playing with the dogs in the mornings and late evenings. 

Blessed be... back to work for me