Monday, January 22, 2024

Kira lost her home to fire this morning

This is the our daughter Kate started for her.

Thankful her son went outside when he couldn't get to her bedroom door and

banged on her window to get her out. They were able to get one of the 5 dogs out. 

One they could hear crying but couldn't get to him. Fire crew said he died from the smoke.

They got out with nothing but what they were wearing to bed (thankful they actually had something on  right?) . Neither had their wallet or purse so their ID's are burnt and they have to go BUY their birth certificates to get social security card and then BUY new license/ID. She has to get new bank card and BUY new checks. Can't even get to her pay check as she has NO ID to prove who she is.  

They are staying with her oldest. Mace had to go with other daughter to her garage  until they could find someone to keep him. As landlord is allergic to dogs and lives in the duplex also. They think they got a friend who can take him in. Grandkids are floating who is sitting with him so he is not alone. (the other dogs was his mom and dad and brothers, Charlotte is his sister).

We paid the vet bill, almost $800 but he is fine after they dealt with the smoke issue. Paid for her family to get birth certifiacates, work boots so she can go to work, license/ID, checks etc. Extra money for food and clothes. 

Daugher 2 (Kate) started the

Son2 is trying to get clothes for the boys and her and started looking for items for when she gets a new place. Which probably won't be for another 2-3 months as finding a place in her price range will be hard. 

Daughter 3 has Mace and is trying to find stuff for him, like harness etc, SPCA is providing a crate for him. 

Our hearts are thankful they made it out of that inferno. And broken for the loss of Athena, King, Kane and Milo (who was crying, he was a rescue dog). 

PLEASE, check your own fire escape. Put copies of important stuff and your birth certificate in fire safe box or freezer bag and in freezer. It will not burn there. 

Thank you. 
Please be safe.
Blessed be