Monday, January 16, 2023

Horrible fire (NOT HERE)... some savings

 In village I lived in for awhile in my 20s. They haven't put out the name of the gentleman that died yet. I imagine if I went into the village, I would hear who. It took out the pizza shop (no injuries, everyone got out) and the old bar and former village kitchen, neither were doing business any more. 

Over half of the businesses are closed in this village to begin with. REALLY hard hit. It started in the old bar or the apt above it where he was using propane space heaters to heat with. 

I did an inventory... made a list of what was missing. Mostly condiments, medical supplies and  weird crap and then released I had it on the list and if it wasn't in stock or was too high in price I didn't transfer it to the next list but tossed it. Went searching for the best prices. Saved 30% on one order not including I got free shipping. Saved 12% on another not including free shipping. We need fresh veggies and some dairy also.

Got 20% off the order of the cheese press and ice cream maker (non electric) 

Got 15% off a still for making essential oils. Something we are having a hard time getting around here that is LOCAL. Got a small one a homesteader recommended that she uses all the time for her essential oils. 

Electric bill is in. They increased the security light charge from $10 to $11 and distribution went up $3 (thanks to cost of poles, conductors etc went up)  when  A year ago we used 1434 kWh , this year with MORE lights we used 600 kWh. We were a lot under budget. 

The propane is at 50%. Wood stove is being cranked back up Tuesday night. Summer fill is May 1st. Not sure we could make it to the summer fill but we have already saved 2 tanks of propane with tax it's close to $2000. 

Tomorrow we are doing all the errands, car tags, bank, pick up a new chainsaw (E has 3 trees that are down that are too small for his usage so offered to Hubby, we just need a bigger chainsaw as a 12 inch blade is too small for that) Menards for odds and ends, Kroger's for fuel and groceries, CVS for meds, chiropractic appts. and stopping to eat as we will be leaving at 9:30 in morning and won't be back until after 7 pm. Hubby figured out the "loop" to take to not back track anywhere to save on gas. Not sure what the rest of the week will be like.

**** just got the news from my English neighbor whose child lives in LaRue of who of my brother's friends. We will helping his family.***