Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Veterans day

 I am thankful for the Veterans. Even if you don't agree with military, they serve to give you the right to disagree. 

I am thankful for Daughter 2 as it's her birthday. Daddy said when she was born, she was the best Veteran's day gift he ever got.

I am thankful for being an USA citizen.

I am thankful I can chose my own faith and how I practice that faith. 

I am thankful when E asked if we were putting the wreath back up on the barn. Since it faces his house I thought OOPS... I asked if it bothered them? He said no, the kids liked it but asked if it was just a pretty or if it had meaning.  I told him the evergreen is to represents everlasting life through Jesus and the circle is for GOD with no beginning or ending. He really liked it had meaning that relates to their own faith.