Tuesday, August 4, 2020


We were up earlier than usual this Monday so Hubby could take Wilbur 
to the vet to have surgery to remove a tumor on his right eye . One of us will go back to get him at 3.

I had laundry on the clothesline at 7 a good hour or so before normal. I unloaded the dishes and put them away. I tidied all the rooms did a 15 min decluttering in the laundry room and walked through all the rooms to check for repairs or things that needed replaced or adjusted. Made that list so I can figure out what is needed to deal with that. GOOD start to this week.

I harvested 3 out of the 7 grow bags of Yukon gold potatoes and 2 of the boxes of dried beans before the storms drove me back inside. I cut basil for the dehydrator.

I put items that came in on Saturday away. 

Hubby went and got Wilbur... the tumor was on the eye lid not his actual eye (thank heavens) it had infected 2 teeth severely so the vet also pulled those and a 3rd tooth that he had broke in half from grinding his teeth. Hubby picked up 6 months of the Heartgard and Frontline for the 3 dogs. The vet is cheaper than every where I priced (I price it every time we go to buy it) saving us $35.97... then the vet office had a rebate that we could sign over to the vet and it gave us another $100 off the bill... so Wilbur's surgery, teeth pulling and meds sent home came out as FREE.They cut his toenails for free also. 

We had bagels for bfast , I had oatmeal for lunch and we had a skillet dinner of fried potatoes, ham chunks and onion for supper with bread and mandarin oranges.