Monday, January 1, 2024


We are doing a pantry challenge for January. 

 I took care of the leftover prime rib, bagged 6 meals from it for the freezer.

I took care of the leftover ham, bagged 8 meals from it for the freezer.

I did mention to Hubby that eating from the pantry shouldn't include me shoving more into the pantry with leftovers. 

I have to deal with the leftover pork shoulder roast today after supper.

I found some artichoke spinach dip in the freezer so I can serve that as the "greens" to Hubby while I have canned spinach for my greens today. We have the leftover pork shoulder roast, a little bit of leftover kraut and leftover mashed potatoes and leftover apple crisp .I pulled a can of black eye peas for today also.

Tomorrow we have chiro and grocery store. So I am putting two individual hamburger pies (I use sloppy joe, corn and and use the leftover mashed potatoes) that we can put in the air fryer or microwave when we get home.

I will have chicken on Wednesday. Thighs for Hubby and breast for me. Not sure on sides yet. Depends on what needs used up.I have twiced baked potatoes in the freezer. Maybe asparagus or peas. Canned peaches???

Thursday is taco bowls, tortilla chips and salsa.

Friday one pot green beans, potatoes and ham with White Lily cornbread.

Saturday is Aunt Dolly's casserole, cooked hamburger crumbles, a layer of sliced potatoes with cream of mushroom (or cheddar) soup for the sauce. Served with a salad.

Sunday is pasta e fagoli  and garlic Texas toast.

I reminded Hubby Lent starts Feb 14th. We do fish on Fridays (his faith) during that time. I just picked up some battered fish for the freezer and I have canned tuna, mackeral and salmon. I will pick up some light and fluffy wide noodles for tuna noodle. It's the only time I don't want homemade noodles LOL. I might make some tuna fish salad for myself. I know of at least one Friday we will go to the one restuarant for the fish buffet.