Wednesday, April 24, 2024

where is the money going?

I priced generic OTC meds that we were low on. Cheapest place was Amazon and got 6% back on my card for taking the later date of delivery besides saving at least 10% on each. I have been checking all the stores around us and Amazon to get the best price.

I bartared asparagus with neighbor for red rhubarb that I made into pie. 

I cut our green rhubarb for the freezer.

I have enough asparagus to have it once a week through the off season in the freezer. 

We put on long sleeves since it's turned cold again, actually have a freeze watch with is NOT normal for this area this time of year. A frost yes... a freeze no.I set the furnace to be 65 during the late morning/afternoon as I don't want to relight the wood stove.

Hubby found another Amish sawmill that was having issues getting rid of the leftover blocks. He is taking the wagon down this afternoon. It's a mix of hard wood and soft wood for half the price of other sawmill was charging for wood.

Peas that had sprouted took a hit with the cold spell last week. I doubt if they make but I won't replant them until late summer. Anything I can grow in spring I can grow in fall. If I planted them next week they would not make until after the heat hit and still won't be good.

Hubby has at least 2 medical appts each week for 5 more weeks.It's rough on the budget fuel costs. We do have the back state taxes paid in full. Now just have to pay off the IRS. THEN we can get back to paying extra on the mortgage.

I made sourdough starter 3 times before I got it to work. Felt bad until M told me she had the same issues. Finally got one loaf, not much rise but good. Added hops flower powder that another Mennonite suggested and got better rise. Shared the hops flower powder with M. 

Asked my aunt for her pie crust recipe as Daddy always said she had the best. Her husband laughed so hard he cried. She uses Pillsbury store bought crust and has for years. So much for that recipe being handed down.

I put money back for the propane, I checked to see what Ohio is running and it's about 70 cents more than last year per gallon. 

I've been fixing meals that we have leftovers for at least one more meal if not two. Gets warm (without freeze crap) I will start using the grill more.

We have been only going to grocery store for milk (1 loaf of bread when starter failed) and did a pick up of some odds and ends at Menards using rebate to pay for it. Hubby is allowed 1 chocolate candy bar with peanut butter on it.Better if I have him use our peanut butter with no added sugar than a certain candy bar where he eats four of the "cups"  Looking at you Reese's.

Hope everyone is fine and healthy.

Blessed be

prayers for peace and sanity