Wednesday, July 24, 2019


I have been sewing off and on for 50 yrs...My sewing is simple. I've made my own clothes, curtains, bedding, tablecloths,napkins etc but when Daughter 2 needed her wedding dress let out I call for my foster sister to deal with it. She's far more professional than I am.

So deciding to make our curtains when we bought the house last year wasn't anything new. I didn't have time (or energy since I was sick) to make the cold weather curtains before we moved in, nor did I make the warm weather curtains during the winter as planned. Bought some material but didn't do anything else.

So when Son 2 told me he needed me to cat sit for a month while he was in school out of state... it was perfect for me to do the sewing.

16 summer curtains 16 winter curtains with liner if not heavy material. We decided to go with a blind in the mudroom as neither of us can reach the window very well (that will be the first window to be changed).

I gathered the fabric I ordered for  the front room and dining room warm weather curtains and then started going through my stash in the barn (yes still in the barn) for the rest of the house.

I found fabric Hubby had picked out for our home over 15 yrs ago and will make the summer curtain for his bathroom out of it. I already did his winter curtain last fall.

I found fabric that we used to drape front room window in the house we had in 2008. It's enough to make curtains for the front room, instead sewing a liner in them I ordered a sheer liner from Amazon that is also an insulator. The liner was half of the cost I was going to pay for fabric before I found what I did.

I found in my stash blue jean fabric that I will line with the stash flannel fabric to make the winter curtains for the dining room.

I found heavy fleece for the French doors and then fabric that I had bought 15 yrs ago to make curtains and didn't. So that fabric will be the summer curtains as the sheers we have now don't keep the west sun out and it heats up the kitchen.

I found fabric that I had bought to make throw pillows for my granddaughter and there is just enough to make a curtain for my bathroom and the office.

I found some fabric a quilter gave me that I am lining with more stash flannel to  be the winter curtain in my bath.

I had bought a summer curtain for the laundry room that had sunflowers, my mother's favorite flower. I found the fleece I had tossed over the curtain rod and used binder clips to hold it there and made it into a curtain.

I found fabric with roses (Daddy's favorite flower) that I will make into curtains for the bedroom. I did order fleece twin blankets  to make curtains (cheaper than buying fabric) for this coming winter.

I am using the scraps from the dining room curtains to make 2 sets of curtains for 2 of the lofts. I am using the scraps of jean fabric lined with scrap flannel for the winter curtains....these are really small windows.

I found another quilting fabric that I am lining with scrap flannel for the office winter window.

I found fabric to make 7 new table cloths (we have an odd size table) and 32 napkins.

I found fabric to make 4 new aprons ( I hope to do more later as I have more fabric).

I am not color coordinating the thread to the fabric. White,blue or black is all that I am using.

I had finished 4 sets. I cut the rest of the 28 sets, table cloths, napkins and aprons out yesterday. Today is sew and sew and sew.

Which I best get at it as I have found it takes me 2 hrs to do one set, hopefully I can cut that time.