Tuesday, September 12, 2023

what we are dealing with.

 Hubby's Dad had a cancerous tumor in his colon. It was grade 1 (lowest amt. ) no cancer anywhere else. He is recovering at home, doing decent. Started in to pneumonia due to not being able to breath deep because of wrap  around midsection that had been cut open plus a UTI probably because he still has a catheter. He is on meds for that. Staples taken out and has butterfly Band-Aid so pneumonia should clear up. Doc to remove catheter had emergency surgery. Surgeon that took tumor is trying to get him in to another urologist to get the catheter removed as he has to be sedated to have that done. 

Great grandbaby is still in NICU, BUT doing a lot better. She is up to 5 lbs. is now breast feeding along with bottle. They put a VAD in until she is old enough to get a shunt put in due to fluid on the brain. MRI for that was yesterday, we are waiting for results. There was some talk of her going home in October and that the home would have to be clean and kept clean , kitties can't be in her bed or where she is at due to tracking litter.  She will be allowed to pet them.   They do not have to remove the kitties from the home.

Hubby is bouncing through appts. for his brain issues as he has taking to call it instead of dementia... I can go with that as they have found it started due to his loss of hearing (now has hearing aids) and the ends of the brain dying (if you don't use it you will lose it) He has one for ENT as the neurologist said he sleep apnea, I was like he no longer snores since he had throat and nose surgery 10 yrs ago. So when I told primary  that along with Hubby loses his voice almost daily in the late afternoon/ early evening  decided to send him to new ENT. That is  next month. Next week it is the Dementia doctor to decide which dementia he has and that treatment. Nov is back to the neurologist to get nerves tested in his feet and then to get a treatment plan also. 

Meantime his part D that starts on the 1st is great this year and really bad next year. He is calling them to see if he needs a different plan for then as our doctor does not do electronic prescriptions,  or fax or call in meds at all. He feels that is against HIPPA. AND we don't use Caremark. Been there and done that and never got meds before running out or was told we got them when we didn't due to issues at post office having stealing going on.  

Meantime I need to save for replacement of Silverado. SIGH. 

OLD age is NOT for the meek and mild


Picture day

 I keep the chair covered because she likes to dig at it. She took the boxes out of it also. Probably still smells like Daddy as it was from his home. He had bought it for me as I couldn't put my feet on the floor with any of his other furniture.

Well, she moved the pillow first , then stuck her butt up my armpit

Glad her tail always is in down position. 

This is the maple sapling Hubby dug up 6 years ago out of driveway of the farm house we were renting

I'll probably will have to cut those 2 tall branches off next fall. I am 5 ft 2 inches. 

These two maple saplings we bought this year. They were at my shoulders when we bought them.

The tallest is on the east side. Both get the same amount of sunlight.

The heart garden has some flowers reblooming

You can barely see the yellow specks of where the flower buds are

I have 8 roses and over 30 blooms between the 10 rose bushes on the back fence line

There have been 4-5 forecasts for this coming winter... NOAA  is the only one forecasting dry and warmer than normal all the rest look along the lines of this one

We are in the Artic blast zone of Ohio. Hubby decided everything else we were doing was at a stop as he is way behind on cutting wood. I actually turned the furnace on last night at it dropped to mid 40s during the night with a cold rain today. He's at the sawmill today getting free wood in exchange for running their front loader for them. E said they (his entire family) are behind on getting wood also since the crops came in more than normal. He still has field corn to deal with in the fields behind us, about 50 acres worth. They harvest the corn by HAND. It's not ready for harvest right now.