Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Mental health day... I need a month at least, a year would be better.

 Yes I  made noodles

Update on daughter 4 She has a place thanks to Daughter 2 who had a friend willing to rent to her while she is still waiting for the fire report so she can go get her ID. She just keeps crossing to do things off her list. Her employer is now requiring her to have a release from her doctor before they will schedule her back to work, meaning no income to pay bills, gas to run car, or buy groceries. She can't get into her doctor until Feb 5th. Friend of Daughter 2's got a restuarant to do a donation night on her behalf. They are letting the gofundme acct sit as she wants try to hold off closing it out. Her older son that lives with her made full time!!!!
Red Cross is installing smoke detectors in the house she is now in. Salvation Army is paying deposits for utilites. She's had enough furniture donated that they can MAKE DO . She bought a frig off FB. We are helping Hubby's brother clean out his rental (was trashed by another family member he rented to so he is done renting it out). He told her if she didn't need it to sell it or donate it . He did not want to see it again. It is taking 3 trips with our trailer and truck full to get it all to her. Definetely things  she will be selling as I think they hoarded bed frames. 

We still have to finish moving stuff to her this week, tow Grandson's car to their new home and go to 2 medical appts that are over a hr away. I need to go to store also.

No one is getting more than 4 hrs sleep at a time in the family. SIGH