Saturday, September 12, 2020

Hubby cracked a joke

 about me writing out everything that should be done in next 4 weeks which is when we usually get our first frost which last year was a freeze.... then I handed him the list and got a lot of "I forgot that wasn't done, I need to find where I put the stuff to do that (aka lost in the barn)... and finally, guess that wasn't a bad idea to do.

I came back with "does that mean it was a good idea?" 

Sometime we annoy the crap out of each other. 

I definitely annoyed him when I called him as he was in Kroger's picking up my meds and told him to bring supper home when he knew I had supper already planned ... I had burnt my hand 3 times and decided I wasn't touching the stove the rest of the night. ALONG with I stepped offthe kitchen porch NOT at the steps while turning to see what the dogs were doing.... not bad but it's a 2 foot drop to the ground and I ended up grabbing the tree branches to slow that jolt down. I was done for the day. A little sore this morning but have had worse working in the gardens. He was MORE annoyed I stepped off the porch. When we redo the kitchen porch (stuff is here) we will widen it so there is actual flooring on both sides of that kitchen clothes line. PLUS I can put pots there to get rain instead of moving my pots out into the yard when it's going to rain. Which annoys him when I forget to put them back up on the porch and he has to stop mowing and move them.

I broke down the lists... produce. gardens.outside work. fall prep. insulation. and projects not done but the stuff is here. 

Produce:fire roasted tomatoes (starting that today), green tomatoes, relish, 7 types of hot sauce (thanks to Daughter 4 that got that gift for Hubby for father's day knowing I would be the one making it) pickled onions , more tomatoes as I clear the gardens. I have potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions to still dig, dried beans for soups to pick and shell and beans to pick and shell for seed for next year. I need to clean the north garden of the volunteers of turnips, red chard, and 3 kales. I need to pull and process  seed from the field paste tomatoes in my garden. I need to pull the corn for the seed corn for next year. I need to cook and dehydrate the 5 pie pumpkins and dehydrate celery.I need to freeze Brussels sprouts. I need to clean out the produce gardens boxes  in the south garden and prep for transplanting strawberries in the spring.

I need to make noodles and dry them as this can also be a gift at Christmas.

I need to dig out the north flower garden that over flows with weeds every year. I am going to clear it (again) Move the hosta that is huge and over the sidewalk in the spring to the south garden area. I have artisan lilies that will do very well in that area and over whelm the weeds (that I will pull out by roots) like they did when we lived on Staley. I have cedar chips (termites and other bugs don't like them) to use as mulch. 

I need to transplant the walking onions as they have out grown were they are and are trying to plant themselves on the sidewalk. I will be having seed garlic coming in that will need planted also. Didn't get the varieties I ordered as they didn't grow well this year but am getting what I have ordered in the past.It helps when you order from the same company year after year.

I need to prep the large pots to transplant the fruit trees in spring. 

I need to clear all the flower pots and clean them for next year.

Garden stuff needs cleaned and put away, not tossed in garden shed like Hubby did last year. Winter snow shovels and deicer pellets (pet safe) needs put on porches and deck.Window scrappers put in vehicles . He can't remember where he put the shovels and scrappers and thinks we need one for the deck as Wilbur and Rascal are starting to come in that way more using the ramp instead of stairs.

Garden hoses out to the horses need drained and put away, probably end of Nov as Eli usually keeps his horses closer to the barn in the winter time. 

I need to get the winter bedding, furniture throws, curtains and clothes out of barn loft and wash and dry (on clothes line). Need to pull all of the summer bedding, furniture throws, curtains and clothes and put in the barn loft for storage. I know I didn't get 2 sets of curtains made last year and have 3 curtains to change how they hang on the rod. 

Hubby needs to finish air barrier installation in north attic and dining room attic. Material is here. He forgot.

Caulking, insulation board (on back of doors to attics and crawl spaces ) and outlet/switch insulation is still needing finished.He forgot this also.

Not touching the deep seasonal cleaning ... I am still doing week 2 of drawers, cabinets and shelves but have done week 3 and 4. Week 5 is windows and curtains.

I do the WHOLE month of Nov. Writing 50,000 words in 30 days.

Kids want cookies and candy for Christmas. 

Projects not done but stuff is here.

Fencing to replace the fence the old wire fence between yard and pond.

Brace for deck top railing.

Side boards for deck ramp 

Basement ramp walls and kitchen porch...this will be better done AFTER we fix the drainage problem. Was advised by ditch witch person to mark where we want the drainage and THEN measure for the tile so we don't buy what we don't need. 

Tower and antenna put up.

Gravel spread on driveways. Probably a 4 day job with the tractor.

SIGH but first is dealing with marking the place for the tile to be put. We might do that tomorrow as Hubby has 3-4 jobs already lined up and we have chiro and banking on Thursday.

I have today's meal(what was suppose to be last night's) and tomorrow's meal.  So I need to plan menu tomorrow including what to bake. 

On to roasting tomatoes on the grill to can.