Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Hubby feels nagged

 Can't blame him as every time he doesn't do what he should have done I ask how much that choice cost us. Everything he does something he shouldn't have, I ask how much that choice cost us. He is now focused on those issues. AND he wondered why I put everything in a wish list at Amazon for 3 days before ordering. The apple trees, strawberries, grapes, and chives are blooming. Asparagus is running us over. 

We picked up our 12 hanging baskets and 6 flower pots from B on Friday. I added some small plants to cover what I had that didn't make. Not the only one struggling to get seeds to grow. Three of the local green houses had issues also.

We ordered a Heco wood and coal cook stove 520 series.  

I got glass doors as the wife of the Amish seller said she wished she had gotten the glass doors. I was going to get the warming closet until she told me that she had been burned a couple times leaning in to reach the warming closet. She is my size. It should (ha ha) come in sometime in August. MEAN TIME. We need to get wood to get it cured in time.   We plan to order some coal for heating but use wood for cooking. Will have to clean out the firebox when flipping what we are using.

Firewood especially hardwood (think nut trees) is running $300 to $500 a cord. A cord is 4 ft by 4 ft by 8 ft. We got hardwood scraps from one of the Amish building pallets  4 ft by 4ft by 7 ft for $40. E said he had softwood that was good kindling or a quick fire in the summer for cooking that was cured we could have for free.

The only thing from the grocery store has been a gallon of milk.

I did order vitamins that we were short on through Amazon as it was the cheapest.

We did order a solar cube... that should come in this week.

Hubby is hunting for a solar water pump for a deep well that will connect to the pressure tank.

Amish have let us know that they are switching to spelts from wheat flour.  About half of them now are growing it. It's like whole wheat flour. 

Prayers for peace
Blessed Be