Thursday, September 21, 2023

I have to laugh.

 Hubby just got up to go to potty... I was thinking he was up so I went to go lay down... before I get back to the bedroom I hear him tell Charlotte to go lay down he was going back to sleep... AND HE IS already back to sleep. He has NEVER been able to go right back to sleep.

 I got her to curl up on the couch across from his chair he is sleeping in, Tucked her in since she has her nose up her butt means she is cold. I noticed Hubby has an extra blanket so I turned the furnace up 2 degrees... the front room will be 70. 

I can see the widow on the other side of E is up and outside with her dog in the dark as she has a flashlight and is following the dog with it. It's a little dog that had been her late mom's and then her late husband. 

The widow on our other side is out on her deck... H's dog is over there and she is shooing it home. He is the Amish that property comes up to the side of ours. Even though his lane is on the other road it's nothing for his kids or dogs to "visit" coming around the other pond at the other's neighbors.  

E and the kids are out doing chores, flash light all over the place. Kerosene light in the barn so the girls are milking in the back stall.  

I think about if I had lost him.  Our wills etc. need update. That phone call is for Monday as that lawyer is on vacation. Our old will would stand but still we need to update as Ohio changed the inheritance rules.   

He made a comment about I needed help to do a couple things, E pointed out in front of me that if I can't do it NOW while he is alive, means I need to change it as he wouldn't be here if he was dead. I was glad he said it before I did. 

BUT it is a fact. 

I need to be able to back the 350 (aka work truck) and back it with our small trailer and the wood wagon. 

 I need to know who to call for maintenance for that tractor. I know who does the 350, the Silverado and the zero turn lawnmower. I can call the widow to our south to find out who works on her mower for our other mower we used for spraying the lane. I would need name of good tow truck if the truck went down. 

I need to be comfortable with tractor and changing equipment Daughter 2 told me to youtube it. Daughter 4 backed that, seems both do it for household repairs even though they both rent. I can do household repairs but I don't do anything connected to propane. I have the number of appliance repair guy, son of an old classmate. 

I wouldn't need to cut my own wood as I could get scrap wood from sawmills (we have 4-6) that sell that. I would need a truck or suv to pull that wagon. If I got to car I would need to have someone deliver it to me. Might not save enough doing that. 

I need to be comfortable with running the chainsaw and wood splitter.

I would need to remove all the phone numbers off his phone and put on mine as he makes the calls to the repairs guys. 

BUT could I do the work here?  

Yes, I wouldn't raise as much garden unless I was selling it at auction (possible thought as income would drop by 25 %)That would also be a way to stay connected to community and have purpose to get out of house. Maybe grow plants for just one person and sell little sets of different plants "1 or 2 person" as I definitely didn't need 4 to 6 of each variety I got. 

But all the rest. Yes I can do it, I can age in place. He just has to quit hogging the tractor etc. LOL  

SO far behind. ... LANA I have question

Lana, what was the holistic site you suggested?.... my GI  and a couple friends (one has RA and can't afford her 3 biologics) would like to look at it. 

I did get the tomatoes that was picked canned as pasta sauce. But I haven't been to the gardens.

The garlic is in to plant for next year's garlic. That will be today. 

 I got one more round of zucchini to go in dehydrators. Still have a few for a fresh dish. 

I still need to wash potatoes and put them in storage. 

I need to deal with watermelon. I need to reorganize the frigs as there is a lot of fresh produce that needs ate NOW.

I told Hubby we are having pork, sweet potato, brussels sprouts and carrot cake Saturday... he looked at me and then laughed. First day of Autumn . 

I still need to do the fall cleaning including the wood stove and winter curtains as it sounds to be a doozy coming at us and maybe earlier than late Nov. which is usual for us.

Primary Doc is a friend, he told Hubby, he can cut wood with chain saw but not lift wood to buzz saw. He is to have the Amish neighbor kids pick the wood up and stack it or I can. He can use the gas motor splitter but not by hand. As his doctor he can advise, as his friend of decades he can put his foot up his butt. Since even his friend from where he worked as been on him, the friend that Hubby saved his life doing chest compressions when he dropped from heart attack at work... he is listening. HE had a doctor appt yesterday.. just a lot of paperwork but it was an 2 hr. drive to it. He told the nurse he was going to set his phone alarm for 30 mins. and take a nap in the corner of their waiting room before he drove him. They took him back to their break room so he could lay down on the couch. She called to let me know he was taking a nap before heading home and their head nurse was going to listen to his heart before he would leave to make sure nothing was going on. They are medical for his brain. Definitely a good office to care beyond their specialty. 

I need to look for part D for myself. LOL I know I am doing straight Medicare (already talked to all my doctors) and I will get Medigap from AARP (been member for 10 yrs) so Part D is the last part. I've looked a bit but need to finalize that so on Oct 1st I can just slap that on and have it set for Jan 1st (I turn 65 in Jan) 

Hubby has had the doctors he is seeing now to take both his medical cards so it's 1 time of doing paperwork. He just has to remind them to remove the other insurance next month. The one was so excited as it removes the preapproval crap (their word to Hubby). 

Hubby's new Cardo doctor that works here in town besides over to the hospital one town over. Made a point of going past our house. Took one look at the gardens in front of the house. She asked if we grew dried beans. Not this year as we have 150 lbs.  of them in storage. Said put them in the rotation of eating 3 to 4 times a week. Hubby shook his head, nope wife has Crohns. So she said once a week for me and four for him. Then he told her I canned part of them so we could have a quick meal. No sense buying canned refried beans when I can open a jar I canned for the same thing. I can eat a little of beans at a time, but not back to back days. Refried doesn't bother me at all... or hasn't yet.

 Since Hubby has been in hospital , Charlotte has been waking me up at 2 and as long as I am here in dining room until Hubby wakes up she will leave him alone and she sleeps. I think she is "nurse on duty" until 2 and I get the next shift. I am okay with it. I can go back to sleep.