Thursday, October 5, 2023

October 5th

 This hawk has been here daily for a week now. We know he has caught several mice usually from the compost pile. 

Our oldest *my late husband's daughter that we were raising when he died* turns 51 today. I told her she had to stop having birthdays. I am NOT that old myself. She just laughed. She has a lot of health issues that she inherited from her mother's side and it's been a really rough year for her.

Hubby is better... not got the hacking cough nightly. Been working on 1 thing each day with lots of breaks. E came over and helped him run the apple cider press. They even took my applesauce apples so I will have to replace those. Kids got to climb the widow's apple tree then help press those apples. Local press is running 2 wks. behind. Made 500 gallons over the weekend. That's huge.

Hubby was able to get the tarp up on the end of the front porch (pics coming later this week) and even put a little bit of fire wood up on the roll cart.

I got the potatoes washed and crated. And a good part of winter bedding, winter curtains and winter clothes washed and in house. I should be able to finish it today. 

I NEED to get the tomatoes picked as we have warning of a frost this weekend which will ruin them. I will core them, toss on grill to char, let them cool and peel them then can them. Not making sauce or juice at this time. Quick and simple. I can store picked ones in the barn as I get through them. 

Still nauseated, still have bathroom issues, but no fever or cough. Makes my good tasting water even from the garden hose taste like crap.