Saturday, January 30, 2021

Finally Friday , Speed up Saturday

 Finally Friday...I finally got the east loft decluttered. One black bag of trash to the outside trash can. One stack of boxes and a large paper bag of newspaper for burn trash, 3 boxes of Daddy's stuff, 3 boxes of Mother's stuff and 4 boxes of our own. I plan to sort through boxes during recovery as Hubby said he would bring one down a day for me to sort.

Speed Up Saturday....Under winter storm warning of  3-10 inches of snow from 6 pm tonight to 7 am Monday. Possibly turning to rain middle of snow and then freezing ... I just hope we don't get WIND. Right now the wind is blowing at 11 mph.

Hubby made sure both trucks were full of gas and moved to the barn for cover. He disconnected the work truck from flatbed so he could put in under cover at the barn also. He checked on M and E making sure they knew it was going to get bad, tomorrow is church Sunday so they would be looking at being out early in buggy. M needed kerosene so Hubby got it when he went to get fuel for the truck. She is sending over angel food cake later today as she had made noodles and had extra egg whites. Hubby had already got milk so we didn't need anything.

I made sure the trash was out in the can and the can was bungee corded to the steel fence post. Too windy to burn anything so that stuff went to the holding area we have inside. 

Generator has been checked  and is ready to run if needed. 

Lamps are filled with oil, I have candles, lighters and matches. Meals for next 3 days are planned so we are set. 

AND YES I remembered all 6 adult kids what they needed to have if they lose electric and to be safe through this storm. One forgot to fill their car tank , another has no candles the 3rd didn't have anything they could eat with out power. SIGH. I guess 3 out of 3 being prepared is better then 0  out of 6.

Stay safe everyone

Blessed be