Sunday, March 17, 2024

LORD!!!! Happy St Patrick's day.


Tornado that was heading for us and then went south instead when a tornado from the north joined with it. Wiped out at least 3 communities ... Indian Lake, Russels point and Lakeview Ohio destroyed. Those areas are around Indian Lake, have mostly mobile homes and RV campers. Small homes.Boats tossed like they were just toys. Not enough time to go to safe places due to little warning coming out. We were thankful the grandsons and their dad and his family was not there at the vacation home. Even our sheriff did not get the warning (he sends text messages for it).A weather spotter that was on his way to see a friend saw it and called it in and included a phone call to Hubby as he is Ham Radio in our county. It was already on ground. Other areas was hit north and south east of that area. Charlotte kept trying to go out , her answer I think was to run from it. I had to pin her down as we locked the doors to keep her from running out. Freaking dog won't go out to potty in the rain but wants to run in a thunderstorm with tornado. She was not happy to be pinned with me in the basement safe area. We had told our Amish neighbor that there was a tornado watch.He figured there would be as he had was coming over to tell us there would be bad weather as he had watched our windmill while he was at his sawmill turning 360 degrees most of the afternoon and then checked his own which was doing the same thing. His is about 15 ft higher than ours. 

Last count was 3 deceased and several injuried but not a head count as there was hospitals taking patients but from all over the state. Beds are not available as we have a flu going around that antibotics and steroids cause to BLOOM and get worse.

Ohio State taxes is holding up a lot of refunds checks for unpaid taxes,child support and over payment of unemployment  and a couple other things going back over a decade. They say we owe from 2012. We didn't have any of that information BEFORE but still they held it. I am making phone calls and will be filing a complaint over it. Twelve years later, I would think that without notice of being offset that they couldn't hold the check but they changed things due to constantly not collecting the correct amounts. It is a mess there and trying to get answers for a tax return I no longer have is next to impossible. I felt sorry for the young lady that answered my call, I made it clear to her I was NOT blaming her and she was as clueless as I was of why it was held. She gave me another number to call on Monday to see if they could tell me exactly why it was held and if they could send me a copy of the tax form we sent them then. I told her we were in a Ch 13 bankruptcy then due to two of our kids taking our check book and forging checks. YES I filed charges against them over it. She mentioned that the bankruptcy court might have missed sending that money to pay it since THEY were responsible for it. I know the court screwed up the payment to IRS that year and we made payments on it. SO might be that. SIGH

Thank heavens I have a credit card that lets me make installment payments on high ticket items without interest but a fee. I called our two banks about personal loan to pay federal taxes (Hubby sold business trailers and made money. He didn't catch that when he did it or he would have put money back instead of paying off the truck) and both wanted more than the credit card did . They thought the question of what would be the final amount of interest paid was a little weird until I told the one WHY I asked it that way. Then she was checking her own credit card as she also owes IRS.  Long run, it's coming out the same amount he paid the truck off with and the payments to the credit card is the same as his truck payments. BUT instead of 2 yrs of payments we would still have, we only have 1 yr if I don't pay it off early.

IT is definitely the year for being thankful for being stocked. I have one OTC med. Hubby takes that I will have to buy in a couple months but things should be easier by then.

Dandelion... which means the ground is 50℉ (we are expecting a light snow Monday) At 50 ℉ we can plant spring crops. 

These are planted with herbs ,leafy greens and radishes.

This is new. Vegepod. The top closes and it has a sprayer attached. I do have to water the very front as Hubby hooked it a little off center when he attached it. I have snow peas, shelling peas, carrots, lettuce, spinach and radishes in it.

Asparagus is starting to pop up in gardens, blackberry vines has leaves (raspberries always is two weeks later) Rhubarb is starting to grow. 

I will be in the gardens weeding asparagus patch and planting spring crops. Including peas in hanging baskets. They worked decent last year. I have peonies to plant and some sunflower seeds.  I won't be buying my hanging baskets of flowers so I will have to figure something out for my hummingbirds.

We are taking some things to 2 of the girls today so that's 6-8 hrs out of our day of rest but the ONLY day the one doesn't work and the other one works doordash if she's not at the restuarant. Son 2 has announced he is not running for Commander of his VFW. In fact 85 % of the officers are NOT running again either. He figures it will shut down if no one else steps up. He is a life time member so can go to the other one that is right down the road if he wants. His cardologist told him he needed to quit two of his 4 jobs, 3 are volunteer. His work load was one of the problems between his ex girlfriend and him but she knew upfront how much he worked since she's known him for YEARS.  

Hubby accepted Vice President of his Ham Radio group SIGH. He is lucky a friend of his from his old group walks him through the paper work and stuff. 

Hubby dropped off 5 large yard trash bags (Daughter 4 reused trash bags that people gave her stuff in) at the church ran thrift shop  that was donated to Daughter 4 but she couldn't use.She said it was bedding for twin beds.... she donated some to a family that had lost their home to a fire also, over whelmed them also. I was to the point of nagging as he kept forgetting them when he would go to town. I can now get to my garden stuff without having to move them. He liked the "clean" area so much he went and cleaned an area in his section of the barn (I do not move his stuff as it causes his dementia to flare). He tossed his trash in a empty 4 cubic foot garden soil bag so no cost of trash bags.

Electric bill was down $17. 

We only bought milk and a loaf of bread when I got out of the hospital. 
We got an Oreo shake from Burger King for our "bought our forever home" anniversary.

We signed papers for this home 3.10. 2018 Our oldest grandson's birthday.We moved in August 31st on his younger brother's birthday LOL. That mail box has been changed already. 

Prayers for peace and sanity.
Blessed Be