Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Monday Watching the fog roll in

after it's rained off and on during the night. Will be having a slow drying day for sure. Since the laundry room has been torn apart since last Saturday , I definitely need to do the laundry today and there is a lot of it.Since there is a small pond at the yard clothesline I will use the kitchen line and the drying rack for any thing that there is no room for. It took me 4 hrs to fall clean the laundry room and then do all the caulking in that room on Saturday. Only 12 more rooms to do.

I ordered the King Arthur Flour items, used a discount, got free shipping and now have 4 more discounts. SO that is off the Oct goal list

I ordered the Amazon order, using a couple credits I had and they had coupons. SO that is off the Oct goal list.I have one thing that was damaged that I will have to return.

We have put the Christmas money aside and paid 4 bills. So far on budget...good thing to say on the 1st day of the new budget.

Hubby put the steps on the south side of the deck so I can use the deck to go to the yard clothes line or the pump house. We decided to move it to the end of the deck towards the barn or it would have been right at the bathroom window. Hubby forgot to put the window in the drawing of of the house. 😏

We shifted the deck 2 ft to the north as I didn't want to have to "dodge" the grill when I opened the one French door.Something else he didn't think of. It should work out nicer since that's the side of the ramp and now we can take it straight to the sidewalk that goes to the front of the house without putting any concrete at the sidewalk.

We looked at ideas of the railing, decided on using the extra feed panels we have from the garden, 4x4 treated posts.... some 8 ft tall to come up from the ground so I can hang baskets and the hummingbird feeder from them.Maybe a shelf for eating at or sitting potted plants on. I told Hubby I would wait on the railing until he is done with the ramp and see what is left for me to use so we weren't buying something that we don't need.

I canned 14 pints of applesauce on Saturday after doing the laundry room. M sent over 12 ears of corn late Saturday night. I think she was done canning for the weekend.That's added to the tomatoes I am working on this morning, the apple butter I have simmering right now and the rest of the apples.

I have 1/3rd of the pantry inventoried. Would have been more but Hubby and I were talking about the condiments like mustard (not pickles or relish as I count them as veggies)and he felt I should inventory that also. I didn't because I will go without condiments.BUT since he asked if I would, I will.

My youngest granddaughter gave me a pair of tennis shoes she wore for 1 month and then out grew them. She thinks she wore them twice. Daughter 4  told me to look in Nov as tennis shoes usually go on sale then.Since I have wore the same 2 pairs for over 8 yrs before wearing them out. I doubt if I will go buy another pair unless they are cheap but good quality ..SO off the Oct goal list

I haven't been to the store. I think if I do go this week it will be for milk and depending on price, unsalted butter. I don't need anything else.

Hubby mowed, he didn't get all the trimming done but hopes that is the last time he needs to mow. Said if he mows again it will be late Oct.

The vehicle insurance dropped by 20 cents.


We have been running the AC during the night (90 and muggy) so Hubby feels rested when he is driving. I never feel rested any more. I turned it off at 6:30 this morning and opened the widows and doors as it was a bit cooler than the house. No sense running it during the day even with 90 degrees as I put the canning outside to sit when it comes out of the canner. Counter space is lost to stuff I use daily since the furniture isn't back in the dining room to hold it... so far behind. 

HVAC guy is coming back next Monday to fix the stink pipe to the wheelchair bath shower as it showed on the energy audit it wasn't done correctly. We keep a cover over the drain so the dogs won't drop anything in it or catch a toenail like Wilbur did when he checked out the shower. He is also fixing the insulation on a pipe that was supposed to be taped and wasn't and installing the whole house  surge protector. Was glad we sent him what we bought and the installation manual as he had 2 other customers wanting one and he had them get what we got. 

My health ins is requesting proof I needed a test ran that was ordered by my GI. They did say since I went directly to the lab I cut 50 % off what the bill would have been. Still I would think when a stool test is ordered by a GI I shouldn't have to justify it. BUT it is a $700 bill after the 50% so I will spend today getting that dealt with.

I shelled some popcorn. Now have almost 2 pints. Still have some ears in the garden to pick. Hubby looking at dealing with the garden this afternoon. He went to help an elderly Amish whose kids went to Michigan to live and he wanted to clean out his barn and storage shed. I will get canning supplies and Hubby will get some tools in exchange for the help. 

I canned 14 qrts of tomato juice yesterday and probably have about the same for today. Dishwasher is running from last night's dishes and a few of that I used canning. It ran last night but wasn't enough room to add more and I have the counter already full with the rest of the canning stuff. Was just too tired to dry the dishes LOL.

We decided to wait on seeing the parents until mother in law's beets she wanted came in this week. One trip to do all of it.

Back to work for me...

Blessed Be