Monday, September 17, 2018

Can't think of a title LOL

because lots of things running through my head. We need to finish getting the stuff from the old place and then find a place to put it away or get rid of it here.I need to restock pantry, winterize this house, get winter clothes and blankets ready, prepare gardens,prune bushes, trim and mow the entire property.  NOT touching there is still painting etc to do. NOT have a Crohn's attack.
SO I will start with this picture that I found a long time ago on the internet somewhere.The woman reminds me of my Nonna who was from Northern Italy. It's my favorite style of apron. The kitchen is real close to what I grew up with except Daddy enclosed under the sink so Mother could have more storage. It keeps me focused on what I need to do because as a child I learned the necessities of making it through the winter since we didn't go to the store for food at all and there was no such thing as assistance if we couldn't pay the fuel oil bill or electric. Nonna, my grandparents and my parents all went through the Great Depression. I've been taught well on what I am using to get us through this next year, that we planned on being on the rough side. Don't know how much fuel it will take to heat this house, run the water heater and the cook stove. Don't know how well the insulation is or how well the windows will keep the wind out. Lots of unknowns to deal with.

It will be officially Autumn this week, we watched geese flying north west this morning.I bounce from windows open, AC on to furnace running in 24 hrs.It's fall in OH.

The pantry is lower on the veggies than I like going in to winter but doable but I do have more jam than usual and more dehydrated potatoes than usual. We just won't have the variety that we are used to having. I don't have extra money to pay for it out of season as we still need to finish getting the stuff for Hubby to start welding and his truck is limping big time.

I have the material for the winter curtains but until we are out of the old house (NO later than the 28th because I refuse to pay another month of rent and electric and we stopped due to me getting an eye infection and not being able to open my eyes at all..and not being able to see..(better, not completely over it but better) I am not focused on the sewing.

As our Amish neighbors told an Englisher at the Auction the other day when they were asked, they eat from the gardens during the season and from their pantry when out of season. If they don't can or dry it (as they don't have electric so no freezers) they don't have it when it's not in season. We intend to be the same.

I hope everyone is doing well, adjusting to new schedules with school/work or just every day life changes.

Blessed Be

what i buying this month

Our Sam's club membership ends the first part of Oct so I will make a run before than as we don't know if we will need to have that membership since a few of the bulk stores carry flour and sugar in 25 lb bags.

We decide to try to find a local butcher shop and see what specials they have and if that doesn't do well for us we know the local Save A  Lot store (like Aldi's) does a weekly 4 packages of different meat for $19.99. Packages are for a family of 4 so that would make us 2 meals at least.

On the list (which was easy to start since I just moved the pantry and freezers.

50 lbs sugar
25 lbs All purpose flour
25 lbs bread flour
25 lbs White Lily bread flour
25 lbs White Lily All purpose flour (White Lily flours is what Southern's use and I use it in recipes that I got while taking classes down south)
4 lbs light brown sugar
case of ramen noodles
Panko crumbs
Minute rice
Arborio rice
Jasmine rice
case of bean sprouts
case of whole canned potatoes (unless neighbor teaches me to can potatoes)
case of Nacho soup
1 box of manicotti
1 box of jumbo shells
3 jars of red cabbage and apples

3 pork loin (I use for roasts and cutting my own pork chops)
4 pork ribs (for BBQ or smoke ribs or flavoring in sauces)
2 pork butt roasts
3 roasting chickens
4 hams
1-5 bone prime rib (At Christmas) (Walter's Wapa OH
2 logs AKA sticks Italian pepperoni (IGA Anna or New Bremen OH)
2 logs of G & R bologna (G & R Waldo OH)
2 cases dinner sausage (Walter's in Wapa OH)
6 whole turkeys. (wings for broths, dark for hubby and white for me)

Hamburger will be bought on sales as I find it
Beef roasts will be bought on sales as I find it

At the Auction I hope to get 

25-50 lbs of onions
50 -100 lbs of potatoes
25 lbs of sweet potatoes

IF I get cabbage I will make freezer slaw.

I have 3 pumpkins that grew in the compost pile the other owners had started so I will freeze pumpkin puree.

If I get more tomatoes I will make more sauce. Neighbor has offered and her tomatoes are the size of soft balls.

I will get  frozen peas,peas and carrots,broccoli,cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts when the local stores have their buy 10 or cheaper.

If the neighbor gives me any more soft ball size bell peppers I will freeze them.