Sunday, January 22, 2017

Frugal week and eating from the pantry.

The week started good....and then.. DOWN HILL SLIDE .isn't that how it usually goes?

Been eating for the pantry (pantry challenge over at Good Cheap Eats) , definitely haven't been eating out like we were.I have been focusing on clearing this freezer to the mudroom frig. Yesterday I pulled things out to see what was left...I have enough to make it to the end of Feb...HUM didn't think I could pack it that full and then  I wonder how many meals is in Monty that is the 27 cubic ft deep freezer. Guess I am going to find out.

We went to the store...kind of...Actually we went to Menards to get shelving for the root cellar section of the pantry in the basement. It was on sale and they had their 11 % rebate and we had 3 rebates to apply. Got two metal shelving units for $33 with the tax. COOL. ALSO got half the seeds for the gardens for 40% off and they are FRESH seed not last year's leftovers... add another 11 % taken off that when the rebate comes in...sigh, they had the chips on sale...chips is on the list for Feb,,,, yes I buy chips. Tortilla chips for nachos, taco salad, taco casserole, guac and salsa , cream cheese (Hubby likes it ). Fritos for taco salad, chili, spinach dip (it's the only time Hubby eats cooked spinach), potato chips for the times I am craving carbs, salt and needing potassium.and then I usually get something like puffed popcorn or cheese puffs for those times I crave crunch but can't eat raw veggies (CELERY CELERY CELERY). I got a nice variety and specified they had to last until March AND saved over 50% and I am still UNDER budget for the month.PLUS they will also get the  11% rebate. I hid the chips LOL.

We went to Walgreens as I had coupons on my card and a few paper coupons and got our year's supply of vitamins and supplements. I might have to pick up B vitamin depending on the blood work I get for next month. Saved over a 1/3rd. which is better than what I did last year as I only saved 15% last year and it averaged out to be $20 a month. This time it's averaging less than $9.for both us together. I have to take multi vitamin, vit D, Calcium, vit B. I have to float between 3 multi vitamins to keep my stomach from throwing a hissy.

Wed was my birthday, we thought we would go to town after Hubby got home from work and I would get my blood work (after fasting), then go get my free breakfast from Perkins and then get the tags and my license renewed then get the shelving and vitamins and some odds and ends at the did NOT happen...Oh yeah I fasted ,,,went without my morning coffee (or tea) and about the time Hubby should have been getting in, he was calling me to come get him because the truck was broke down.

The day slid down hill from there. Truck wouldn't be jumped, came home to take the "box" we have on the trailer off (we use the box when at auction or this time was moving our daughter) went back and winched the truck on the trailer which took an HOUR and then hauled it to the mechanic at 30 mph back roads.Getting it off the trailer was easy as we parked so the truck would roll backwards without much of a push.

Then got the tags and my license and then WENT back to the truck to put the tags on it. I did run through Walmart and get printer paper ( I don't print picture when I print recipes and I usually copy and paste so I can change the font to one that doesn't use as much ink)as I was completely out and some pears and a gal of milk.  I used a gift card and it still has money on it. I got my blood work Friday,

Got home and found out that our neighbor's mother that used to be our neighbor had died and her viewing was that night at 4 so Hubby got 3 hrs sleep before he was back up and off we went to the viewing...meantime I had checked my email and found that Hubby's employer is changing health ins to a HSA in 2018.... we don't pay for our ins at all right now but we do pay a deductible and copays....been expecting the change for years so it didn't throw us but I decided to change the budget NOW to reflect that change so we are used to it by Jan of next year. THEN since I didn't get my free bfast Hubby was feeling bad for me so he called in to our favorite local restaurant and ordered me the fried chicken dinner to go. Dropped me off at home and went and got it...didn't think to check the order before he left the restaurant...half my meal wasn't there SIGH. I ended up cooking sides for myself and he called to complain. I went to bed early,

I cooked a big batch of bell peppers, onions with 1 lbs of smoked sausage cut in coins and added 2 qrts of home canned tomatoes. 1/3 went into pasta and cheese, another 1/3rd went over rice and the last was strained (juice was left for the rice one) and used in tortilla wraps. Should have saved some for the omelets I made later this week.

I cooked 2 soup pots of rice. one for to make fried rice and the other for regular dishes or for bfast with raisins and milk.

I made eggroll casserole that made our dinner and then bagged 19 more servings(that way I can use it for my lunch, or Hubby"s lunch or for eggrolls or potstickers without thawing a lot of it) of it for the freezer. It used the last 2 heads of cabbages we had from last fall.

My GI doctor wanted me to read up on Ayurveda so I was able to do so through my Amazon kindle. I downloaded 12 books. I do unlimited, which is good for me as it's 20 miles one way to the nearest library and their selection isn't very good.I read several books at a time, nothing for me to go through a book or even two in a day. I don't watch tv except for the evening news and sometimes morning news for the weather and I limit time of the computer , I do NOT have Facebook on my phone or any other social media. I have started timing my time on Facebook when my youngest texted me and asked why I was still on FB after 30 min (I was reading some bloggers LOL)I read two hours every night and did when the kids were little, I read in bed instead of watching tv.

I have started dusting and sweeping more often to cut back on the issues with my allergies. Also using a nasal rinse twice a day and found if I do all of that I am not having to take the allergy meds or the Afrin spray...which is better for my tummy as Crony (what I call my Crohn's) isn't happy with allergy meds. also saves me over $20 a month. My daughter suggested I toss the throw blankets etc out over the clothes line even if it is freezing to help air them out instead of using the dryer.

I save all the junk mail envelopes and expired coupons and any piece of paper that can be used for notes etc.

I wash freezer bags that wasn't used for meat, foil and bread bags,

 I researched through the internet (and my Swagbucks)for the best prices for the last of my seeds I wanted to order and then ordered them using discount codes etc I cashed in my Swagbucks to claim my extra points for my birthday. I used what I cashed in for Amazon and then ordered Hubby a new tracker as his was no longer working with his phone and wouldn't connect to our health ins (ins does a point system, you do certain things like walking 50000 steps a week and get points that helps lower the costs of the health ins )Hubby had bought me a new one in Dec when he found them on sale but he didn't like what was on sale so didn't get a new one him self. I found what he liked on Amazon on sale and my Swagbucks paid for over half of it.

We decided to use my free bfast coupon this week as it expires. I then found a coupon for Perkins for Hubby to use for his meal when I decluttered area by the calendar. I don't usually keep Perkins coupons as it's not a place we go very often. THEN we decided to go Monday night since I have 2 doc appts to go to. I already have a lunch in the freezer for Hubby to take to work that night. I hope to get produce then also.IF not we will be going without because I'm not making a special trip to get it.

I went to The Prudent Homemaker site and read the frugal posts daily. Even if it means to reread, I always seem to find another piece of wisdom to try to keep the week frugal.

Blessed Be