Friday, April 7, 2023

And here we go

 I have to be careful or I will trigger the crap again with over doing it BUT

Here we go

We have to tear down the old wire fence (E said he will take it because he has a spot he needs wire fencing) and add 7 posts and install the cattle panels. Think 16 ft long , 50 inches high of wire fencing.

We have to plant 12 different rose bushes and 2 elderberry bushes (with 2 more to be planted next year).

We have 7 blueberry bushes to plant in the large grow bags.

We have 4-5 varieties of potatoes to plant.

We have to add cattle panels to existing berry rows and then make 2 more rows for the 2 varieties I just ordered of black raspberries. I also have red raspberries and golden raspberries to replace vines that didn't make it.

We have horseradish coming in to plant.

I have 5 apple mints and 5 orange mints to plant.

I have hummingbird pollinator garden to build and plant

I have bee pollinator garden to build and plant

I have butterfly pollinator garden to build and plant

I have a heart shaped garden to plant ... thinking cutting flowers ...

I have to transplant the walking onions 

We have 6 strawberry beds to build and restart the strawberries.

I have 6 hanging pots I am planting dwarf peas in to see if they work as well as I read.

I have peas, lettuces, greens, radishes, carrots, beets and maybe onions  if  Yoder's has them in, to plant this coming week.

Weather forecast is to be warmer every day ending in the 80s (I am considered north west here in Ohio. That warm is not common for early April)


I have to make sure I am not over stretching stomach muscles and triggering cramps. Like two of the kids have just did after getting over the crap.