Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Tuesday decluttering

this is the big part... it is always cluttered. So today is going to be taken care of.

daily life during a pandemic

keep a schedule. get up at a set time, eat meals at a set time, go to bed at a set time... DO NOT DRIFT through the days. It's not a vacation.

Plan daily chores, cleaning needs to be done daily in the bathrooms and kitchen and where ever you are just hanging out. Wipe remotes and PHONES.

Plan an enjoyable activity... game, movie, get outside in the yard (not with a group of people over 10.)

Fix snacks... limit how much they  or yourself can have.

Plan physical activities especially for children... if you just sit around you won't sleep well which means your mind will worry about what you can not control.

Focus on what you CAN control... look up new recipes that will stretch your food or find substitutes for what you are out of. I get at least one text a week asking what to replace what with.

What you need to know LOL

Sheltering in place sucks even for a homebody. I did ask Hubby if we could once or twice a week take a ride around the block in the dog truck... which means I want to take the dogs for the ride also.

 Amish got a letter from the state asking them to close their schools and for those 70 and older to shelter in place.

Hubby got 3 calls to haul so he was off to work. Since he has a package coming in that had to be signed for I had to stay on the first floor since I can't hear the door in the loft or in the basement. His new phone is in which is very good as his old one is no longer updating his apps and he needs to put another app on it for his business

SO No I didn't get to start my seeds.

I did laundry as usual, cleaned 3 frigs as usual since Tuesday at 6:15-6:45 trash is picked up.

I decluttered the bedroom which I hadn't realized was that bad. I replaced a broken curtain rod also.

I decluttered the laundry room including the dresser. I am thinking of changing the table linen from the dresser so I can put the bed sheets/pillowcases in the dresser and get rid of the hamper that holds the bed stuff. Then I could hang the rack to hold the dust mop and mop .Broom sits by trash can always. dust pan hang at top of basement steps which share the kitchen wall where the trash can is.

I decluttered the hall.

I answered the door 6 times... 3 deliveries from Fed x. 2 from post office (they have someone delivering packages as the carrier can't lift at the moment)  and one from a neighbor down the road checking to make sure we didn't need anything.We talked through my glass door.

Hubby called four times and son called twice and then daughter 2 blew up my phone with texts... She finally decided she was coming up Sunday to get food and cleaning supplies but did mention if she was sick, she would still be here but she would let me know to put the stuff on the porch or somewhere else and just let her know. She is a server and will barely make enough to pay her rent. Her 3 teenage sons are working some and they are going to try to cover the utilities. She has enough to make it to Monday.

It's 10:30 and I have already answered the door for a package then Mail lady then pulled in (wearing gloves) to give me a package for Hubby's business. Amish neighbor H came over to use the house phone. He stayed out side because he deals a lot with the public and doesn't want to share germs since he knows I am sheltered in place. He  walked away from door until I put the phone outside and shut the door again.

Laundry is washed and hung to dry.

I gathered some cleaning products for Daughter 2 and decluttered the south and north lofts while doing

I decluttered wheelchair bathroom which wasn't much.

I plan (ha ha) to declutter the kitchen and dining room and start seeds and get hangers out of the basement.

Wednesday list is

laundry as usual
decluttering front room and mudroom
ironing about 21 shirts.


No errands or doctor appts.
laundry as usual
declutter the basement
declutter the office (west loft)

Friday depending on weather
either out in the gardens prepping areas for sq ft gardens
or starting in the barn of decluttering

Is going to be  a thorough cleaning since Daughter 2 is suppose to come up. Neither of us is sick, none of them is sick and it would be a gathering of less than 10.

I might make noodles for her to take with her. I will see how it goes.