Friday, July 20, 2018

209 update

There is not enough time in the day to get things done so we are looking at moving out of where we are into the BARN first part of Aug. until the house is done. Won't have hot water , so will be taking showers at in laws that's a lot closer than where we live. Barn has electric and running cold water, we have the out house if we can't use the inside bathrooms that are FINISHED.

Wall paint (taking 4 coats) and floors (2 coats of stain, 2 coats of polyurethane) and it's not drying as quick as it would if the humidity was down.

Crown moulding is done
Bathroom is done...yeas the tape has been removed LOL

Wheelchair bathroom is done. Tape removed also

Laundry room had 1st coat of paint and will be getting the floor laid as soon as the other coats of paint dries.

Bedroom is done except for the floor.

Hubby has been moving fence posts so we can put up the fence for the dogs. I started painting them...6 hrs and no where near done and I can be honest in saying that I can barely walk today as I have not did that many squats in YEARS.

This is a section that will be on the dogs side of the fence so I painted it also...made the rest of the fence around the pond look like crap.
Here is the pile of fence I need to paint so Hubby can put them on the posts.

This is were I just started before the work day ended. Carpenter was staining the east loft when we were leaving Thursday. He was hoping to get another coat on today and start polyurethane coats Monday.

We meet with the head contractor Monday afternoon. He had to change supplier for the counter top. Sent us what he was looking at ordering from a more responsible (his words) dealer.

Hubby decided to move us Aug 1st ,even if that means into the barn. We can take showers at his parents that are closer and cut out 2 hrs of driving for each of us by doing so. A little bit of a push to do that but that would give me a solid month to clean Staley and get my rhubarb and flowers dug up.

Blessed Be