Friday, January 10, 2020

fight or flight stuck in overdrive...frugal days

After testing , doc confirmed my cortisol was high and staying there... Once again my fight or flight has stuck in overdrive.

SINCE he does NOT feel that MORE medication is the answer he  gave suggestions on how to lower it. I have had this problem more than so some it is just going back to an old routine. Like no tv,computer, phone an hour before bed so I  am back to reading for an hour before bed. AND that triggers me to go to sleep. I keep water cup that has a lid and straw by the bed instead of the coke... Yeah I know but I am down to less than 2 20 oz bottles of coke or sprite... I try to do one of both otherwise I am definitely a coke a cola classic gal.I've went from sleeping maybe 4 hrs to sleeping 11 every other day. Doc said to average it out and see what I am averaging. As of today I am averaging around 7, he wants me at 9... so at least it's getting better. Even though I feel like a walking zombie.

The fatigue is as haunting as the feeling of needing to push through is. Neither are good.

Hubby is making my daily to do list and it in my view is next to nothing but he knows how this goes since it's not the first rodeo for us.

I did put hamburger for Salisbury steak and country fried steak in the freezer from the hamburger log I bought. We had cheeseburgers for dinner. I also cooked the rest of it and got 5-1 cup bags of meat for the freezer for either taco pizza, sloppy joes or hamburger pie or just some quick casserole.

I made laundry soap for both us and Daughter 4.

I've hung laundry out on porch line and drying rack daily.

While seeing Daddy we went over and visited with Hubby's parents as they are only a few miles apart.

Went to get dental check up( we scheduled together to lower fuel costs) stopped and got car tags, then went to bank , then to the post office then to Menards to use rebate to get distilled water for the humidifier in the bedroom.

Averaged out what the electric bill ran 2019. We lowered it by the average of $14.50 a month even with the increase per kilowatt.

Ordered seeds/plants for the garden this year using rakuten,codes and coupons. We are raising mostly fresh or what we can't find at the Amish farms. We really missed eggplant and Roma tomatoes. I will raise plants from the seeds I already have. We use chiles that are not grown in this area.

Meantime I need to walk some to not stiffen up.
Blessed Be