Monday, April 20, 2020

frugal steps

we saved money for the projects we just got, waited until the 11% rebate and then got the stimulus check to lower what came out of savings. We are looking at what we have that we can reuse for projects as we go.

I washed freezer bags and foil. I once in awhile have to thunk Hubby or he will use a paper plate to eat his snack on instead a of a dish that can be washed. I don't keep a lot to begin with. I use one to cover dishes in the microwave.

I stretch our meals as far as I can go. I ordered more dried beans to be planted and more seeds that are varieties to grow in a UNHEATED green house during the winter.

I started more seeds for plants to input in the gardens in May and June.

I am going to be making masks for us and Son 2, I pulled my wire from my garden to make the "nose" place . I also am making ties and elastic for ears to give our ears a break. I am using old tee shirts, some cotton fabric I have and some flannel. I do have shirt gauze to use as the second layer. That's not the the gauze you use for medical bandages.

I have more plants that I can harvest the seeds to replant next year.

Some things I do without thought. Like making the peels thick on potatoes when peeling for mashed potatoes so I can make potato skins for another meal. Making extra rice so I can do fried rice or rice pudding. Making extra mashed potatoes to make mashed potato patties. Boil extra potatoes when making mashed potatoes to also make home fries., If I have 1/2 serving of anything I think what I am use it in. Might only be tossed into eggs , pasta, soups or casseroles.

We wear our clothes out, mend what we can. Hubby darns his own socks.

The old saying  Quote by Boyd K. Packer: “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

 Is how I was raised , not Hubby , but I was. 

Another one which is how I raised my own kids
“I’m teaching you how to survive in a difficult world. You can’t be under your parents’ thumb forever. You have to take charge of your own life now you’re going to be twenty-one.”
― Rhys Bowen, The Victory Garden

Another one  is
Food will win the war
Herbert Hoover

True, you have to eat health to be healthy and the Victory garden pamphlets suggested assorted veggies and fruit and how much to eat per week per person to stay healthy..

Stay stay, Stay home Stay well 


We saved money to finish the deck, add more gravel to the lane/drive way, to redo the front porch including a ramp, redoing the kitchen porch to make it wider and repair the east wall of the basement ramp, input of garden boxes. We saved for a greenhouse.This weekend we ordered everyone on line for a pick up at Menards.

On Saturday we got about part of it this weekend with the money we saved and 11% rebate at Menards. You can't really tell there is several boards towards the truck.

Greenhouse is on order along with all the stuff for the kitchen porch. We got the green house for less than 50% (on top of rebate) by using the frame work from the old garage (garage in a box we had bought on clearance).

Sunday we picked up a Sam's club curb side order for the sugar, vinegar, oil along with junk food. Yes junk food. 😍

The money from the stimulus helped pay for it instead of pulling more money from savings.

I wrote out a to do list for this week. I am running 7 days behind where I wanted to be... JINXED myself as of 2 AM this morning I started into a Crohn's attack.

I did call my GI, I do NOT feel I should go to the hospital but wanted to have a plan... I might have to take another biologic (took my injection Sunday morning, probably why it's not bad, just got my 3 months order), soft foods, I have meds that I can take. IF it gets worse I am to call before going because our little hospital here might be a better option. We have 50 tests ran, 17 were negative, 33 positive and 2 have recovered. NONE are in our hospital...they are all at home as the hospital I would go has Covid 19 patients.

I had 24 items on my to do list today... I got 15 done. I don't know what else I will get done.