Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Eating from the pantry Day 6

doing very well considering that yesterday I had a migraine and wasn't hardly up to eating let along cooking.

We ending up with me making grilled cheese and adding what ever we wanted from the frig to that meal and Hubby took leftovers from the last couple nights.

Tonight we are having Ruben Casserole and leftover mashed potatoes , tomorrow will be leftover casserole on bread for sandwiches with the possible apple salad.

Meantime I am checking the sales at the stores, going through the coupons to match the sales and then making my shopping list .

Blessed Be

Dehydrating Eggs for powered eggs.

Every January I have to deal with extra eggs that was bought for the cooking of Christmas and New Year's Eve. Most years I end up with bad eggs because I can't get them used up fast enough or even have to make a special trip to town because I didn't buy enough.

This year after reading "Food Storage: Preserving Meat, Dairy and Eggs" by Susan Gregersen and David Armstrong I started thinking about dehydrating my eggs and making powdered eggs.

Then I read Brandi's post over at about her ordering powdered eggs and decide to try to make my own.

this is 4 eggs beaten and dehydrated at 135° for 8 hrs

then I ground it in my blender until it was powder

I then took 1 level tablespoon of powder and mixed it with 1 tablespoon water and stirred until the powder was dissolved and then let it rest for a minute.

I nuked it in my microwave for 30 seconds on full power.Looks just like scrambled egg.

It tasted like scrambled egg that I had cooked too long in the microwave so next time I'll try 20 seconds or 75% power.

Reality is I no longer with be tossing eggs that went bad before I can use them or making special trips to town to buy eggs for baking or scrambling.

BETTER is instead of getting this through Walmart (closest store that actually has it) for 56¢ a serving (one egg is a serving) which if you think about it is $6.72 for a dozen eggs, I am getting it for the price of the eggs and my electric which was 67¢ for the 8 hrs.

I did use my fruit leather tray for this,but have no desire to buy more so I will use either wax paper or parchment paper as long as I am careful to not fill it so full it over runs the paper.

Blessed be