Friday, November 19, 2021

On the gross side.

 E wondered why I peeled out of our driveway and hauled butt down the road.

I cut my thumb on the mandolin while cleaning it. Did not feel it but definitely saw blood. After 15 minutes of not getting it slowed down let alone stopped. I drove into the Urgent care as Hubby was over an hour away working. Holding it above my head while driving.

In total it bleed for 45 minutes. I am not on any blood thinners and have been off the aspirin for over 2 weeks (thank heavens) due to going in last Monday for injections.  

yeah it caught the nail bed also . 

The glue dried purple and then Doc used steri-strips as he felt stitches would cause more issues and I had it pinched together so well he had to turn my hand to see the cut.

He said to let it come off on it's on. Probably 5-10 days and not use the pad of the thumb for at least 5 days . No getting it wet and use gloves while cooking. I have gloves .

Hubby took one look and added a wrap that I can slide on  and off to keep me aware to not use it. At night I had another one taped on and it was a good thing as I woke more than once to Charlotte licking the wrap. 

OH well.