Monday, March 16, 2020

sheltered in place

No I am not sick, just doctors agreed it was best for me to shelter in place (granddaughter calls it home prison) .

I am a home body to begin with, when I get cabin fever a good ride in the dog truck with the 3 dogs usually blows it away.

I might miss my granddaughter's baby shower ( I was at her first one, this one is "sprinkle" shower for basics like wipes (which I have) etc). But she is a NURSE so definitely understands...

I want to stay current with the news but not be sucked into the depression of it. I keep Hubby up to date as the Amish he is around is counting on him to keep them current with this news.

I don't want to focus on what I don't have but the blessings I do have.

I imagine our elders had many a new way of life.... WW1 and WW2, Great Depression. Spanish flu pandemic which was the worst one that lasted 2 yrs.

SO take care, stay safe, make sure information you pass on is correct. I've nailed a couple friends on FB for false information. FACT NOT FEAR needs to be the motto right along with THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Blessed Be

Thankful I stock

Daughter 4 who also has a suppressed immune system and her 3 drove a 4 hr round trip to come get toilet paper. I filled her car with food and cleaning supplies. Kids had food sitting on their laps and under their feet besides the full trunk. Even Daughter had 5 dozen eggs sitting on her lap as she drove. I don't think the kids will ever make another comment about how I stock for a year to two years. She is looking for her factory to shut down soon as two of the four plants they supply have shut down effective immediately.

Son 2 called to make sure I had what I needed... He had been to the store and grabbed the limit of 2 toilet paper in case one of his sisters or elderly friends needed some. He had enough at home barring diarrhea to go to May.

Hubby went and got 156 lbs of dog food...that will take us to May.

He also stopped today after getting his CDL physical and drug test to get me 2 bottles of Jack Daniels Tn Honey.(HE was glad I insisted he have hand sanitizer  in his truck)  I use it for hot toddy's when I am sick, I don't usually keep it this time of year but with the way things are going...

I was going to cut back in the gardens...nope, that's not happening. Even Son 2 has asked me to grow kale and Brussels sprouts for him.Daughter 4 wants what ever she can get due to knowing she's not going to have money for food and won't qualify for food stamps as her kids don't live with her.

I ordered 2 shower curtains, hooks and a tension rod to put in the hall if one of us gets sick  we can quarantine in the bedroom and that bathroom (and laundry room )  and the other one can still get to the pantry without having to go outside and down the ramp.

I will be changing the routine for home blessing... It's going to be more than normal especially with Hubby still working in public. I don't greet him at the door any more, he goes straight to the bathroom and washes his hands.

With the stock market rolling and knowing his work will be cut down or completely off... we are looking at our finances a bit harder. We just got propane and if the weather stays decent we won't need more until late summer. We don't have cable. Our internet and home phone are a fixed amt though we could drop cell service but since I had a heart attack while driving in the middle of the boonies and didn't have a phone to call for help. I can see Hubby refusing to go that route.

I would not be surprised if this doesn't trigger something along the Great Depression.