Monday, February 8, 2021

Make it happen Monday

 Electric bill is in... $10 below budget. YES!!!!

We have to order salt for the water softener ( 2 weeks after normal fill) and propane (right on schedule for the cold we have) for the tank next week. Hubby is dealing with it since I will be down with surgery. I told him I would remind him when we got to the hospital...give him something to do while he waits hours on me.

Saturday we ate left overs and Sunday we had refried beans with cheese with tortilla chips.  We are eating the left over refried beans as casserole tonight.

I made, rolled and dehydrate almost 6 lbs. of noodles. 

Today I am making pie crust... a chicken pot pie for the freezer, a Dutch apple pie for now and a couple single and 1 double crusts for later. I also need to make bread and rolls.

North and south loft and their stairs in on the cleaning list for today. 

I have a teleconference with SS today. The only thing they need is my checking acct info. All the rest is done unless they find something... don't they always find something???

Daughter 4 is counting down to her grandbaby is due... 10 weeks. AND if she isn't working yet she plans to come up and help plant the gardens also.

I found these from that were daughter 4's when she was born. Now washed and packed up for her grandbaby

Not that she'll use blankets much with baby in April but she can keep them instead of me. I have a couple things that was Son2's that he told me to pass to Army Grandson when they start their family as Son2 doesn't have kids. 

My SIL has lung damage from covid. She already suffers from postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (aka pots) and has a pace maker. She has a host of doctor appts that brother and the kids are taking her too. Brother has his own medical problems. He was worried about bankrupting her if he went in to the nursing home (he is 70 and she is 49) Now she is worried about bankrupting him. She did listen to me when I told her to get a home that they could stay in that was ADA for wheelchairs. SO they could stay put as long as they can have someone come in and care for them. Which is cheaper than the nursing home of $9000 a month. That is the cheapest in this area. The county home that takes Medicare has a 3 yr waiting list. 

I best get to making it happen LOL

Blessed Be