Sunday, December 6, 2020

2021 punch list goals, groceries and food to the pantry

 Punch list is a construction term of "to do" to finish project. 

As of Nov 1st we had 140.5 jobs listed. I remember when it was over 1000 when we bought this house.

Dec 1st, we were down to 128.5 . Since we moved in we have been averaging 4-6 a month until Nov.

I listed 30 things off the punch list and 10 things we know needs done this coming year. We have supplies for 19 of them and 14 are "work" only. That leaves 7 that will need supplies as we can afford to get them.

My list is 12 items

Hubby's list is 13 items

Our list of what will take both of us is 15.

He still has air barrier in north attic and I still have winter curtains to finish for 5 windows and the French doors for December. I start cookies Monday(tomorrow) and candy next Monday for the Christmas gifts. Grandson's wedding is still on for the 20th , masks, social distancing, stay in your bubbles out side mini greet from the bride and groom. Said for me to bring the Christmas stuff then so we aren't sharing cooties repeatedly and saving gas for us and time of me not sitting (which locks up my hip when over hour) so long in a car. We have 1 child that won't be at the wedding as her grandparents on her biofather's dad is not well and she's seeing them, she thinks they won't make it to next year.

We went to the store, was out doing errands and dropping off prescriptions and decided to do the grocery shopping now and take the dogs to the vet on Tuesday when we have doc appt and pick up meds. 

SO in the pantry I have added... 3 roasts and 4 meals of pork chops from the loin E gave us, 2 meals of ribs (one for New Year's eve/day), 14 meals of sliced ham and 32 pints of chili. I am dog tired and hip is aching.

Decided against another bone in ham. BUT if Hubby finds a small prime rib roast he said he is getting it.

I placed an order to Amazon going through The Prudent Homemaker site for some things my doctor now wants in my diet. I can beets, but I have been sharing my beets with Daughter 4. My doctor wants me to either eat beets or do a beet supplement daily. Same goes for grapes. 1 1/2 cups of fresh grapes (not happening) or a supplement. I can use raisins but I don't usually eat a lot of dried fruit. 

I had to order green tea, almost out and not sure if my son is getting me any for Christmas. Plus I ordered a multi flavor pack and I know I don't like 2 of them, he is getting them for Christmas as he drinks green tea LOL.

Unsulfured Black strap molasses. I've used this for years for my heart but now for my bones also. It's hard to find unsulfured in this area. 

That is it. I told Hubby, if he finds a small roast and specified what I thought was small with bones and without bones, it's okay. Other wise we are down to dairy only. MAYBE a salad. I will not be getting another bone in ham, one: do not have the room for it, two: do not need it since I have 14 meals of sliced ham and the one I am cooking today will do us for beans and such. I will do lamb chops (have them in freezer) for Easter. 

I think are saying for next year is going to be

2021 get the decluttering done. 

Blessed be