Sunday, April 15, 2018

Groceries for the week

My girlfriend (who is in the middle of remodeling their home and we crack jokes about being at Menards,Home Depot and Lowes and ordering on line) sent me a text that Krogers had strawberries on sale 99¢/lb as she knows I just pitch the ads. So when Hubby went to pick up the doors we ordered that came in at Mendards, we swung by Krogers for me to pick up a few things.

On the list, apples, kale and red cabbage (son2 had a apple kale slaw he said was to die for and he doesn't like kale at all) and strawberries....bananas.With a check on meat marked down...

What I got was:
strawberries 99¢/lb... 4 lbs
potatoes 10 Lbs 3.99
yellow onions 3lbs 1.99
kale bunch 69¢
bananas 6 a little on the green side 92¢
apples 3 lb 3.99
red cabbage 1.87 lb for 1.10
frozen boneless skinless chicken breast 3 lb 6.99
fresh boneless skinless chicken breast 4.77 lb 8.49
pork butt 17.9 lbs for 99¢/ lb for $16.83
spending a total of $48.64 and saved $38.38

at the local store I got
5 -6pks of coke for $10
3lbs of ground beef
and 4 center cut pork chops..
Spent a total there of $48.64 but tossed my reciept before I inputted the info in price book

We had hamburgers for supper and this morning I shoved half of the pork butt in oven and the other half in the freezer along with the porkchops. I finished cooking the last of the hamburger and made it sloppy joes which fed us lunch for today (pork butt will be dinner). Hubby and I came up with using the rest of the sloppy joe as sloppy joes, hamburger pie, coney sauce,tacos(burritos, enchilida, nachos) sauce on Ramen noodles )or any pasta) over rice etc... I have to let it cool down so I can package it for the freezer. We will have the pork butt as roast tonight, over grits with gravy with slaw tomorrow . Then into the freezer with thoughts of pulled pork, BBQ pork, mock Brunswick stew, in tortilla wraps and with kraut and mashed potatoes.

What did you buy this week?
Blessed be

Budgeting to stay frugal

I am acknowledging the dip in stock market, the lay off of 26% of GM employes in OH plant and an one day a week no pay no penalty until after shut down in July at Honda Engine plant in Anna OH triggered some fears of 2008 where we lost 2 houses we own... so it "fight those fears" I sat down and worked on a new budget and checked the pantry and nonfood . I had to estimate what the utilities will be and did it on the high side of what we were told was the average.

Starting May 1st we will be making a mortgage payment and paying rent. I did orginally plan for this scenario for 6 months. Since I don't want to fly by the seat of my pants or have to take another draw from our retirement account (probably will for a car and truck). I spent yesterday, pretty much all day reworking the budget, checking on some ways to lower or keep things with in budget. Researching cleaning products like a microfiber mop with reusable head etc for my wood floors.

These are my favorite places to glean thoughts : (everything and anything) ( moving to country and costs) (house thoughts and gardening)

And I read this book. I do NOT get any thing at except knowledge from posting this book. I do read Kevin Williams Blog (way of life as I am moving in the middle of many Amish)

This is the book I  read he wrote.

As our lifestyle will change a lot with the move.

I set the budget... basic bills first that included paying the health ins along with copay and deductible. Then savings 10%( Hubby retirement trip with Son1 and best friend and 6 mos expenses) and reinvestment 10 % since we have retired early and don't want to run out of money, maintenance for house and vehicles , pet care . Then the "extras" memberships that we use a lot aka Amazon prime,Sam's etc, bday $ for the kids and grandkids, Christmas (gift cards this yr)  and then the gardens,groceries and non food. Yeah groceries and garden  got put behind the extras because we have a full pantry/non food and it's more of restock and restart the gardens(I have a lot of seeds especially since I ordered more heirloom this year) with acknowledgement we can always pull from the Christmas if needed.

I have wrote the budget in a spiral notebook that I will track expenses daily  just to keep on top of fuel costs and items bought for 209 which is STILL under budget.We are hoping to have enough left to set up the gardens like we want.

I need to change how I am "running" the kitchen (still, again, some more). More from scratch, less junk food, planned snacks. SOUP on the table more often, Casseroles and stir fries are common but I can do better.

A major thing we noticed was we need to decide how we are going to garden. The Amish does in ground only, there is an area plowed and ready to disk when we get the tractor in(Amish neighbor offered to prep it for us). There is an area where they had the greenhouse(which they took) that can be converted to garden easily enough. We could just plant everything in dirt this year, spend the summer hoeing( something we both hate) and decide what to do later.

We need to grow more ( and more heirloom) but keep in mind that the produce auction is only 6 miles from us and according to the Amish neighbor I will have several Amish families in the area selling their overflow along with eggs,noodles, etc.

Blessed Be