Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Frugal time

Rambling Rose is what my Dad calls this, I just wished whom ever planted it had not put it right against the corner of the house where the rain down spout is and no way to put a trellis or anything behind it. Still both dogs will walk between it and the bush and past it to walk through my just started perennial flower garden.Miss Kira will lay it the garden.I think she decided that instead of stopping to smell the roses she was stopping to lay in the flower garden on top of my irises. 

I picked Sweet Williams, irises (that someone smashed with her body) and lavender for flowers for my table. I dried some lavender to tea and sachets.

I harvested and dried basil,chives,garlic chives, rosemary, dill,flat parsley, curly parsley and spearmint.

I harvested 2 different lettuces,cucumbers,rhubarb and a few strawberries.

We have saved enough to no longer pay bank fee so that money goes to the savings now also.We paid off one bill in full so we are down to 6 (not counting possible medical bill if the ins doesn't pay any for my procedure for my back).IF we don't have replace a truck or car we are on task to be debt free before Hubby retires in 3 yrs

I have repaired and washed soaker hoses so they are working another year with Rascal's "help" which was "Mom bend over and throw this ball,okay, Mom wash the ball instead of the hoses" . SMILING

I transferred my earnings from surveys to gift to my grandson and his lady that are graduating.

We are running a room AC that my son gave us (newer and bigger than what we had) for the bedroom when Hubby sleeps days (get turned on when he goes to bed and off when he gets out of bed). I leave the windows open, close curtains against the sun and run one fan that is mainly for our 2 black dogs , they hog it even if I had it on for myself. We turned the central air on over the weekend as the landlord wanted to make sure it was running correctly. Dogs loved it. We hated the thought of what it was doing to the electric bill though when the humidity is up I know I will have to use it some.

We are using the grill most nights. Yesterday I used the charcoal side as a smoker, have been given lots of wood chips for smoking. Bought a pork butt . Took less time than I thought, glad a friend told me to check temp of meat at 3 hr mark no matter how long it said it would take.  We had it last night and will again for another meal and then the rest will be packaged and froze for those night neither of us wants to fix anything.

I have used the clothes line for the last 2 weeks solid.

My Dad is slowly clearing out his house so when he dies my brother and I won't have to deal with so much. He gave me a car load of canning jars, a water bath canner that can double as a stock pot, canning rings and lids he bought last year (he didn't even plant his 9 tomato plants this year),a corn jabber (how they planted corn in the old days) and an antique hand cultivator. We go back up this week to get a gas grill he no longer uses for our youngest daughter.

We went to Kroger's on the weekend ( I usually shop Thurs.) so we can get double fuel points for what little we do get now days as warm weather is eat from the pantry and garden time.

I put the button back on Hubby's pants.

We bought a beverage igloo (clearance) and now fill it with ice (we have to buy ice, no room for it in freezer since I "lent" the extra frig to son) and the filter pitcher water. Found we are drinking far less of anything else and just drinking the water. It's sitting on the corner of the kitchen table so we pass it when heading to the frig or coffee pot.

Have was your week?