Wednesday, April 4, 2018

209 update

The entire roof is now under new felt(replaces tar paper and can be used without shingles for 2 yrs without leaks)  Shingles ordered are to be delivered Monday, but we won't have them put on until the metal chimney's are out and all the stink pipes etc are in.

The backer board is up, meter,disconnect box for house and disconnect box for barn installed... they forgot to install security light on pole and had to come back to do that.Power from road is now on to this pole

The back yard is a series of trenches for electric lines to be buried... regretfully it started raining right after these were dug, then we had 4 inches of snow and then over 5 inches of rain. They are hoping they are down enough to start working again on installing the electric lines the 5th.

This is the pump house, when they checked the pump had been totally removed (we figured on a new pump anyways) but so had the electric because at the time it was put it they didn't bury wires. SO we had an option, either dig a new well and put everything in the basement or dig another trench and run wires and move the bladder and whole house water filter to the pump AND add a small propane heater to keep it from freezing when it's cold...We chose redoing the pump house as we know that is the lower of those 2 bills.

We still continue to buy stuff for the house. The big list was completed and under budget about $13,000. SO we decided to go ahead and get new exterior doors, storm doors, new clothesline and more fencing. We still waiting for sales and or rebates from Menards.

Some days I get "bored" because this more hands off than I am used to and then overwhelmed with the paperwork I am having to keep up with and contacting our ins guy and rehab loan guy to keep things on track.

If the weather would straighten up and give us a couple good dry decent temps with light breeze , things would be great...right now we are looking at  3 decent days to dry out and then starting another  5 day of rain/snow.

Blessed Be