Saturday, December 31, 2022

We don't do New Year Resolutions

We do goals.

Charlotte's goal is to make sure she gets the pillows before I get in bed.

Hubby's goal is not have to cut ice from the pond like the Amish for storing food during the summer.

Speaking of Amish, M just sent over eggs and asked if I had 2 dozen wide mouth lids to spare... she's canning meat and ran out of lids. I have enough wide and regular for 2 canning seasons. I think I have flipped these 2 dozen lids four or five times with her. 😁

Goals 👫

Stay Healthy.

Have more in savings and lower withdraw from retirement funds. It's the first year we haven't reduced the pull. We have a few things we want the money in savings as it's due in fall.

To have the solar panels installed on pump house by spring.

Replace garden beds

Refill garden beds with dirt

MAYBE plant garden beds. I do have some that I can plant limited.

To declutter basement, barn and garden shed

To organize basement, barn and garden shed. 

I already finished the house doing that but of course will need to go back through drawers and cabinets... never ending to my way of thinking.

Son 1 was up and said the house seemed "settled" and comfortable. 

BUT first is take down the Christmas decorations and put it all away and plan what we are doing with the gardens.

Happy New Year ... may this one be calmer and more peaceful

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace