Monday, May 13, 2024

Half of May gone.

 E dragged up some logs he is not going to use. Also Hubby removed some huge (like 5 ft across) chunks from E's sawmill that he can't cut on his saw and they were in his way. Asked Hubby to help him move them out of the road. Hubby took his chainsaw and cut them up and hauled them to our barn to split for fire wood. Most Amish in this area don't split their wood. They cut down trees that are 6-10 inches around and cut them to length. 

I have the veg/fruit deep freezer done. I have the beef deep freezer done. I am working on inventorying and organizing the pork deep freezer. Still have the old veg.fruit deep freezer that will be the poultry/nut freezer and the small deep freezer in barn that is poultry deep freezer now. Then I will start on the 3 refrigerator freezers.  Why am I doing this? Because things get lost in the freezers, I buy what I already have and don't buy what I really need like we have zero meatloaf. I make  3 lbs of meatloaf, spread it on cookie sheet, score it in squares and freeze it. Next day I break the squares apart and vaccum bag them in "meal" size. I got my hamburger from the butcher shop (tired of recalls) and got a $1 off a pound by getting bulk rate. I wanted 18 lbs (makes 18 meals) he told me 20 lbs was bulk and I would get a $1 off a pound. I bought 20. I thought I was out of dinner sausage patties, I have enough for 6 months.  

I have wrote out what and how much. I will put it on excel sheet on computer and keep better track of it.

I have the heart flower garden replanted as all but one plant died off. I added bee balm to the pollinator gardens.

I planted all the " veggie plants" in the gardens. I still have seeds to plant, turnips, parsnips, rutabages,pumpkin, red kuri squash, baby butternut squash, onions, beans, beets, carrots, radishes, more lettuce etc. 

I have 624 spears of asparagus in the freezer, that is one package of 12 for a meal once a week. Snow peas are blooming, garden peas are starting to bloom. Strawberries are pink, blueberries are turning blue, blackberries and red raspberries are blooming. Rhubarb is growing some more. We have had lettuce and radishes from the gardens.

M sent over eggs twice in one week so she must be getting ran over herself.Since the kids are home as their school is out (they don't have parent teacher days or spring or Christmas breaks or bad weather days off though that one got changed because it's not good for the horses to be on icey roads). She's baking 6 loaves of bread a day plus pies, cakes and cookies. Not surprising as she is feeding 13 and I used 4 long sandwich loaves  per day myself for our family when the kids were home not counting the extra mouths at the table which was more often 12 of us at the table.

Two of our doctors have okayed OTC meds from Amazon. Just need to make sure the same ingredients and same amount of those ingredients are in the OTC. I saved close to $40 between us . 

Blessed Be

Stay safe

Prayers for peace and sanity