Friday, February 17, 2023

do a little dance

 OH YEAH... 3 checking accounts and 2 savings accounts and we PAID off the nasty bills and February bills .. AND no account is completely broke. Hubby actually sighed. EVEN his business bills are paid.

How can she sleep like this ?  laying beside me on the couch with her head hanging down? LOL.

Hubby picked up the last of the plumbing for the solar simple pump to connect it to the pressurized tank to come directly to the house. Yesterday we had it running by solar to send water to the pond , the pump has to "set" in and that takes a total of 6 hrs. of running. We are doing it one hour a day. Since the pond is still low, it's good to run it that way. 

Still waiting on the buzz sawblades. The guy stopped here yesterday and thought they had one (we ordered 2) and found it wasn't quite right, Hubby sent the other blade with him so they could measure it correctly. The guy offered to sharpen our blade for free since the two blades are coming in almost a month after they were suppose to. It's $50 to sharpen this blade since the Amish guy that used to do it moved out of the area.

So after the sighs of relief and I am thinking we can take a breath.

Hubby brings up redoing the gardens.

So much for that breath. GEEZE.

 I told him we were going to focus on perennials and heirloom plants. I had already ordered some black raspberry starts, would love to find some elderberry starts (I get elderberry honey from friends so many they can get starts from where they pick berries) and look at more herbs that are used for medicinal. We need to set up the new beds we got for the strawberries and transplant them (I think I will just get starts off them and plant them in the new beds)  I ordered some wide Italian green beans, I will plant them in the old potato beds. I picked up some more peas as I was almost out of seed. I got heirloom this time so I can save seed. I saved the seed from the last baby butternut we just ate to plant also. 

But first it's pay the taxes. March 7th.