Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Update of Hubby Neurologist report

First they did nerve testing on his legs. He has very little feeling in the skin of his legs but the muscles definitely are NORMAL on the feeling. Said we will have to watch him for minor cuts etc. getting infected. His arms are the same way. It is due to the prediabetes. His balance has improved also. 

Doc K said heart issues can mimic other issues so make sure he does not miss cardio appts. Was surprised Hubby doesn't go back to cardiologist until May. Said that meant he was doing great. 

Doc K didn't get the results of the testing done by another Doctor. Hubby didn't have them either so Hubby is calling today to find out what is going on with that. 

Doc K ordered at home sleep apnea study... I have to find a way to keep Charlotte from waking him up. I would have him sleep upstairs but he gets up to potty through the night.  

Doc K agreed that eating foods that help with issues instead of popping a pill was the best way to go. He thought it was funny primary took Vit B complex out as you just pee the excess, until I showed him on my phone (thank you Google) that high dosages will affect SLEEP. Since we eat the foods that have B Vitamin in them, the pill was making it too high and neither of us was getting a good night's sleep. 
B Vitamin helps with Dementia.  He asked about coconut oil (another one that helps) Sends triglycines up and he just had a heart attack. That went bye bye also.
We talked about Beta glucan (oats, barley, sweet potatoes etc.) helping with the metabolic syndrome and some issues and he was for us trying it for the next 3 months. That will have another round of blood work from primary done to show if it is helping. 

He asked if Hubby was in cardio rehab. As he felt Hubby probably doesn't need it . It starts today. His cardiologist said he only needed to go for information and ins reason for 3 visits and if he doesn't want to go any more that was fine as he does more "work out " at home than he will at rehab. 

Got to get around to get some work done before we head to rehab. 

Prayers for Peace
Blessed Be