Friday, August 4, 2023


 There is no room in the 3 refrigerator freezers.

There is no room in the 3-22 cubic chest deep freezers.

There is MAYBE room for a 15 lb. turkey in the 7 cubic chest deep freezer in the barn IF I removed the ice cream maker bowl. 

At Kroger's I got on sale 2 racks of ribs and a 4 lb. box of crab legs for half price. I got yellow and orange bell peppers for 88 cents (you can barely find them around here) I picked up enough to dehydrate them also, I got red bell peppers to "fire roast" on the grill then I will freeze them for red pepper soup (barn freezer I already put their container in to save that room) I got celery for fresh and to dehydrate. I picked up some lettuce as there is none left in the garden and I haven't replanted it yet. I had a coupon for it. I got coke a cola on sale, Kroger chips, Frito scoops and bananas.

I picked up a cantaloupe and 4 fresh peaches from an Amish stand

I picked up my 27 lbs. of cherries for pie filling at Country Variety  Store and Hubby picked up 14 hand pies to freeze and some whoopie cookies. I am not crazy about that type of cookie. He got 6 that was snickerdoodle and 6 of the oatmeal.

At the Mennonite discount store ....

I found frozen brussels sprouts. I got enough for us to have for a year since no one grows them around here. I will be planting them myself next year.

I found a box of strip steaks (think New York Strip steak). For $4.10/ lb. (about half price) I got 14 steaks and they are already vacuumed bag with1 steak per bag... saved my bags. I got 2 bags of thin chicken breast and 1 bag of chicken wings, 6 packages breakfast sausage links already frozen.

I also got:  12 whole cranberry sauce, 8 canned pears, 12 mixed berries jam, 4 boxes of Stove Top turkey stuffing and 4lbs of Velveeta cheese (regular price $27 I got it for $18) and a loaf of homemade bread.  

In the gardens I know I have tomatoes, zucchini, maybe a broccoli, hopefully another round of Roma beans and maybe some potatoes to harvest. 

I need to call to see what Honeycrisp or Crispin apples start coming in. Our apples didn't do well, they are really small.