Wednesday, March 31, 2021


Great grandbaby up date... NO BABY YET. BUT she's about 6.5 lbs. and granddaughter is having light contractions. She gets check tomorrow and she is hoping she goes to hospital LOL.

I only saved 10%.. BUT 95% was veggies or fruit so I expected to not have much savings. I can't wait until the garden is my grocery store for fresh veggies. I used what was left of March's grocery money and most of April's. I have enough for milk and some cucumbers and the shrimp. 

 I did not get daffodils, they looked bad and nothing else looked good either so no fresh flowers for the Easter table again this year.

I did not get chorizo (didn't have any but ordered it from Amazon), shrimp or mint Probably by time the chorizo gets here , the mint will be high enough for me to snip what I need for a dish Hubby wanted to try. Getting shrimp when I go to make the meal.

 I did get him Kentucky bourbon for a lemonade bourbon he wants to try ... it also has beet juice in it. 

I did not get ice cream since we decided to shop Kroger's in Sidney and that's over an hour away. Dairy Queen just opened so we will get our ice cream fix there.

Best deal was free 6 oz Cheese. I got Havarti for Hubby

Second best deal was pasta for sale for 49 cents if you got 10 items of the sale. I got the pastas for Daughter 4 as she eats a lot of pasta salads of different sorts.

Everything but the different breads (slice potato bread, hamburger buns, hoagie buns, and onion buns) are dealt with. I will freeze the breads and vacuum pack them. 

Menu will be based on what needs used up first.

I know the zucchini noodles (only because they didn't have zucchini large enough for my spiralizer) will need used, the avocados and the plantains are not ripe but when they get there, that will be used now. Bananas as M told me she dices them in cool whip and calls it done.

I still have 49 entrees in the barn freezer.

Tonight is manicotti from freezer that we didn't have last night. Leftover sautéed bell peppers, mushrooms and onions  and garlic toast made from M's bread

Thursday - sausage gravy, home fries, sunshine salad, cole slaw and biscuits. 

Friday - zucchini pasta with garlicy sauce and Ky. lemonade bourbon. Bruschetta. Should use the last of M's bread or can use bun.

Saturday- homemade loaded pizza and salad.

Easter - rack of lamp, smashed baked potatoes,  asparagus , deviled eggs and ambrosia salad.

Need to prep today so the meals for this week actually get to the table.

Blessed be


Sunday, March 28, 2021

Out like a lion


It's already roaring and will be until Wednesday night. A lot of us are going into the storm season so please make sure you have what you need if storms rip through your area and stay safe.

Simple Sunday. 

Hubby remembered he forgot to get dog food and decided to run into TSC and get it so it wouldn't be on his to do list during the week.

Found garden soil and potting soil on sale Talked to the manager and since he was getting pallets she reduced the price even farther. We now have 2 pallets of garden soil (156 cu ft  total) and 1 pallet of potting soil (78 cu ft total)... AND HE FORGOT THE DOG FOOD. We have enough for 2 days.

Brunch: Pumpkin spice baked doughnuts, cream cheese.

Supper: Pork chop, baked potato with butter and sour cream, corn, mandarin oranges and bread (home made from M)  

Motivation Monday 

Shine the windows and mirrors 

Hubby is going with Amish guy to get mineral oil so he will be gone most of the morning. Might be home around lunch. I will be "motivated"  HA HA, to get the laundry and dishes done. Frigs cleaned out as it's also trash night. Dust mop house (new habit or should say trying to get back in the habit). Update the finances since Hubby bought dirt instead of dog food the bank acct took a bigger hit. He saved $4 a bag. I have a couple things that need ordered that have been waiting until they went on sale..

Breakfast: toast and jam

Lunch : cottage cheese, pickled beets and applesauce (Hubby on road)

Supper: beef steak on grill, rice, grilled onions, bell peppers and mushrooms, mango and homemade bread

Task Tuesday 

Swish the toilets, dust mop house.

M is leaving with the baby to go see her sister that doesn't have much longer to live. The littles will  be staying with E's mother. M asked if we could stop at the store to ease the load off E as they don't let the "scholars" drive the buggy into town yet.  

Since we have chiro and need to get dog food, it's great planning.

Hubby has to stop at bank to get statement on his truck he forgot to get for the taxes. 

Breakfast: Pillsbury Hot Cocoa Rolls with frosting ( Hubby saw on clearance)

Lunch : lunch meat tortilla wrap

Supper: Manicotti (from freezer), asparagus(from freezer), pineapple and garlic toast (using homemade bread)

Waste Not Want Not Wednesday.

Should call it Windy Wednesday with the forecast for the day.

Swipe the sinks and showers/tub.

Hubby will have a full day of work. 

I will go through some more boxes of papers that need dealt with.

Breakfast: toast and jam

Lunch cottage cheese, applesauce and pickled beets ( my standard lunch)

Supper: Sausage gravy and biscuits (unless there is still bread), fried green tomatoes (freezer), maybe home fries. Fruit pie

Thankful Thursday

April Fools day

Dust the house, dust mop the house

Hubby will have another full day at work

Start putting dirt into garden boxes or at least in the ones I will be planting on Friday. 

Weed herbs and strawberries. 

Breakfast: Fruit pie

Lunch: cheese and crackers 

Supper: Chili, Fritos 

Finally Friday

Vacuum the area rugs in front of all the doors. Dust mop the house.

Plant the peas and snow peas (Amish say to have them planted by Good Friday). I've been readying Victory garden for Ohio so I might plant more that just that after I finish reading it. 

Weed herbs and strawberries

Put more dirt in boxes , maybe plant something else.

Breakfast: leftover sausage gravy and biscuits

Lunch : what ever the local little store is selling for lunch

Supper: Homemade pizza

Speed up Saturday 

Dust mop and wet mop floors.

Thaw rack of lamb, boil eggs and get dishes out for Easter dinner.

Most likely will hopefully finish with weeding of herbs and strawberries and MAYBE start weeding north flower garden.

Brunch: scrambled eggs with cheese

Supper: fried bologna sandwiches, pasta salad, cole slaw and pineapple chunks.

That's the plan LOL

Blessed be..

AND it is still rolling

Good news I won the drawing from Sluggy and got my package yesterday. Son 2 wants the Andes candy. Son 1 wants the B vitamin. Daughter 2 wants the eye shadow. Daughter 4 wants the face mask ( her daughter wants one of the face masks also) Daughter 3 (and her 2 girls) want the hair bands. Daughter 1 asked for the dental stuff and Hubby came back and told them ALL to go read Sluggy's blog LOL. I will still share... but Son 2 is NOT getting all the Andes candy ... guess that is what I get for sending a text with pic of what I won to the kids.

Last night Daughter 4 sent me a text... found 4 bedroom, 3 bath, finished basement and attic with mother in law suite... I was excited thinking she found something to move to and thought she was going to share with her oldest that is expecting a baby in a few weeks.

It was a huge pot hole (so not really a house SIGH) she hit with MY car to avoid hitting a 8 yr old boy chasing his ball in the street. Mother of boy was grateful, boy is now grounded and my car was creaking as she drove it away. Appt for car is this morning to figure out the damage done. Daughter 4 took pic of pot hole and sent it to the street dept. Mother of boy put a orange cone that she carries for emergences from her truck in the hole to try to help others not hit it.

Daughter said if she had been going the speed limit she would have hit him. or destroyed the front end of the car if she seen him in time to swerve . SIGH

SO I woke up at 4 am with thigh cramp... got up, had coffee , walked around. Didn't ease up so went to get massager by bed, moved Rascal as he was laying next to it (on floor between bed and stand) . Picked it up , turned it on and got shocked. Blew all the electric to the bedroom, have nice burn on arm. Put aloe on burn, go to basement to turn breaker back on and open door to mechanical room (breaker, water softener, water heater and furnace room) and find water at the bottom of furnace. SIGHING STILL.

Call Hubby while he is working (did 10 loads yesterday, 5-6 is normal) and he THINKS he will have a couple loads today only so will be home normal time (mid to late afternoon instead of 7 pm like last night) to deal with furnace ...said the drain pipe is probably plugged and the pan under it probably has a leak. Told me to check to make sure breakers were in on position... they ALL ARE ON >>>>> AND NOT listed what they go to.

SO we will have to go through each one and find the one for the bedroom because he forgot to go down and write what went to each breaker and he doesn't know where he put the sheet the electrician gave him that had the list... I don't know why he didn't just tape the thing to the door of the breaker box. I was going to do it but he said no, we would do it together and just be on the phone so we knew what was off and on. 

I was going to do finances this morning but decided to wait until I see the bill to get the car fixed. So instead of paying off one of the loans I will be fixing a car. Which upsets Daughter 4 but  she knows we would rather fix a car than her hit the child as she was hit by a car... and our grandson was hit by a car....

Hubby wants to finish getting the last of the dirt and stuff for the gardens before he pays off his loan. 



started labeling the breaker box. Work 20 minutes because it's walk up and down 3 different flights of stairs as they did not put the electric in what I would call logical order. FINALLY figured out which one was the bedroom. Hubby got home and called the guy that put the electric in the house and he told him to check the first outlet the electric goes to when it comes in the room as because there was already existing electric he made circuits of the electric. WHICH made logical sense. ANYWAYS replaced the burn outlet which was not the one I had the massager plugged into. AND had electric. Savings was $45 trip charge and $60 an hour that the electrician would have charged.  We still have a few breakers not labeled that we will deal with later. Costs were a screw driver that Hubby dropped down the sump pump pit by accident and some back up outlet. $30.

Daughter 4 got repair bill of $500. Said it was kind of a blessing as it messed up the ball joint but repair guy showed her the steering control  part was going bad so he took care of that also. And she's back on the road... which is good because HER DAUGHTER is thinning and dilated to 2. OB said they would see her next week if she didn't have the baby before that.

Saturday we went down to drop off stuff on Daughter 4's porch for her and Granddaughter who's in laws were visiting her so she told me to drop her stuff off at her mom'. In laws were still sleeping in the front room on sofa couch when we would have been there.  

Went to Son 2's and got sprayed with Lysol as I walked in. I used to do that during flu season when they came in from school. Spray them, go wash their hands and change their clothes. They didn't get the flu when they were in school. I just laughed. We sat 6 ft apart even out on the patio. Hubby and him wore masks when they were taking the old water heater out and putting the new one back in. Son 2 now can install his own gas hot water heater. 

We drove the scenic way home adding about 30 minutes but well worth it as it was a beautiful day. But an eleven hour day was wearing and my hip was cranky last night from all that sitting in the car.  Three and half hours round trip. We ate left overs.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

AND it keeps on rolling

 Maybe it will all get through in March.

A elderly lady in our neighborhood died due to heart failure, she's been sick for a year now, all the kids here called her granny. All the kids took her flowers the morning before she died. So sweet.  

 Son2's hot water heater went out, can't be fixed. Was quoted $3000 for new tank  , $4000 for instant ready (which is really what he needs for that area). When he said he would have to get other quotes (know he is not going to shower at home but can at work) the guy offered $1900 with 50 gallon tank. He said he wasn't doing that and told the guy to leave. He called the company and reported the difference and prices and that the guy said he had to run new venting through the roof which we know is a lie as ours is vented with the furnace just like his is and why he wasn't going to use them or refer them to anyone at the base . OOPS not good to mess with the person that helps soldiers get help. He called another one and they were coming out to look. Did tell him the instant ready heater was $1100 and they confirmed since the furnace is over 80% efficient they could be vented together like the old one is. Mean time he is thankful his Momma insisted he have a stock pot. He has used it more than he ever thought he would. Now he is boiling water for washing dishes and going to the gym at work to shower.

The kitchen storm door handle broke, of course this is the door the dogs use... so that it was LOCKED. Good thing we have other doors as we couldn't get it open. Took an hour to get the handle off, mess with the latch and get the door to open. Checked 2 places to get a handle... ending up ordering at Amazon (used The Prudent Homemakers site). GEEZE.

We got our first covid shot. Hubby said he was sore. I have a bruise the smaller than a dime at the site and that is the only thing sore if I touch it. BUT side affect was we both were starving... 90 minutes from home... it was definitely buy something or I would get sick so we got Wendy's. Considering he finished eating (we sat in the parking lot as he doesn't like to eat and drive) a good 15 minutes before me I would say he was hungry and didn't acknowledge. Even though we both ate before leaving home 4 hrs. before.

We dropped our taxes off. Filling out the drop off forms was worse than gathering all of it up.  Our preparer was not there but another one was getting ready to go to lunch (one preparer at a time in the office) and said refunds would not be seen until summer, probably late summer. Good thing we don't ever count on it and really try to not give the gov't an interest free loan of our money.

My finance guy called to let me know it was a good time to sell some stock I had. I was getting my shot and by time I could call him he was out of the office getting HIS SHOT. LOL. Got a hold of him this morning and he was dealing with it as we spoke. Said in a way it was good timing as the cash acct I have was going to be used up in 2 months...that's what I am using to support Daughter 4.He said he had just priced nursing home costs and it was running around $15000/ month. Yep Daddy's was running a bit lower but a friend out of state said his mother in law's ASSISTED living was $15000 a month and it would be higher when she went to nursing home. That is $180,000 for one person. Average in a nursing home is 3 yrs. Assistant living can be higher and then they get moved about half the time to a nursing home due to needing more care. Yep glad we decide to make it this house "the old folks home".

Hubby told me last night he doesn't see Daughter 4 back to working full time to support herself until spring or summer of next year so to look at the budget and figure that in. It wasn't hard to do as it's my (Daddy's) IRA that is supporting her with my Social Security covering the odds and ends.

Rain, cold and wind today. High winds through the night. I am NOT going out to weed strawberries or the herb gardens.

Blessed Be. 



Tuesday, March 23, 2021

kids update and I over did it

 ER sent Son2 results to his primary, he will next have an appt with her and she will refer him to a cardiologist. IT will take him a month to get into the primary. 

Daughter 4 has an appt for a MRI April 19th for her right hip. It's been hurting but she put it off. Figured she might as well get it dealt with now. She has surgery to remove ovary June 25th. The results came back that the cancer is GONE. Doctor is iffy about whether he will have her do more radiation after surgery. Did tell her that it would be 8 weeks after surgery if he does the radiation before he releases her to go to work. That puts her in the end of Sept. Means she is not going to be moving this fall like she wanted to as she has to have 3 months of work showing she brings home 3 times the rent. She is NOT A HAPPY CAMPER. He did put her in physical therapy to help her recover. She is to the point she isn't even able to walk her dogs and the kids have been helping her in that. 

Due to Honda suspending production due to lack of computer chips, her earnings at Door Dash also went down. Granddaughter's man said he had to pick up working 7 days a week to make the same he did at 4 days a week to cover their bills as granddaughter is off work due to problems with her pregnancy, having some issues with sugar just like her momma did with her.

It was a nice day yesterday so I decided to clear four garden boxes and put the preen and green in them in south gardens to prep for spring planting in a week or so (snow expected Easter Monday). Yeah , well , I did 21 garden boxes that are 2 ft by 8 ft.  Did not have to really bend over, used a garden rack to smooth the dirt. Some are going to need to be refilled. I helped Hubby transplant 3 of the fruit trees to bigger pots , we have 3 more to do.  

When I came in and sat down to drink some water before fixing supper I realized I had over did it. SIGH. The whole body ached and I was worn out. We had steaks off the grill, baked sweet potato, pickled beets and applesauce. I took Bayer back and body before bed. Achy a bit through the night but better.

Hubby found these greens growing in north garden, red mustard can't really be seen, kale, frisse lettuce etc. growing again in the north garden. He had tossed some old seed 2 years go out in the area thinking the birds would eat it. It was actually rotor tilled last year in the spring. Daughter 4 got fresh greens every time I saw her. Sent this picture and she laughed. 

I still have 2 boxes of herbs to clean up in south gardens. Sage is doing good already. I have 6 4ft x 4ft boxes of strawberries to weed. I was going to transplant them but Amish guy who stopped to see Hubby said to let it go until fall and then only transplant the runners. I would get a better batch of strawberries the following year as strawberries drop in production every 2 to 3 yrs and it's the runners that produce after that. Told me to say something to him or his wife and they would "guide " me to transplanting in the fall. They sell berries a lot during the summer.

I think I will go take a nap as I've been up since 2 thanks to Charlotte barking at a bunny. 

Covid vaccine today ... 

Blessed Be 

Monday, March 22, 2021


Hubby got his appt to get his physical for his business this morning, talk about last minute. He called to make an appt and they asked if he could be there in an hour... they are 40 minutes away. So off he went.

 Son2 spent last night sick, got up this morning  (to a broken water heater and repair man comes tomorrow)and decided to go to Urgent care since he was just around a friend that is looking at having surgery at the end of the week. Urgent care thinks tummy bug (welcome son2, you got it from me with texts) BUT his heart reading were not right so they sent him to the ER. SO I am sitting here waiting to see if they are going to keep him or send him home because of course he texted me right after Hubby left.

Daughter 4 is still waiting for date of surgery , they said they would call more likely in April as they want her to rebuild some strength before surgery. Her cancer doctor has now put her in physical therapy. She is also waiting for a MRI to be scheduled for her hip as it is hurting horribly.

Honda laid off workers again and with that lay off over 75 % of door dash orders dropped. SO Daughter 4 isn't getting much door dash. Daughter 2 said her income took a hit as she works at a bar and Son 1 that works and lives close to a Honda plant said pretty much all the businesses have seen the same hit as when we went on lock down last spring. BAD BAD BAD.

Daughter 1 and 3 are doing okay and their income is still steady. IF Son2 ends up off work he is going to be in a tight squeeze but okay. He said better to find issue now than AFTER retirement.

MEANTIME, Hubby and I decided to work out a possible schedule for this summer to get some of these projects off the punch list. I will be working on that today along with clearing 2 garden boxes and a bit of weeding in one of the strawberry boxes. 

Stay strong

Blessed be

Saturday, March 20, 2021


 had a nice day and went for a ride with his combat vet buddies. He was nice enough to send a photo. BRAT.

Our local little store that also sells cooked lunch special is back open after a year. She's had it hard as she was also fighting cancer a second time. She had to increase her lunch prices. No one batted an eye over it and told Hubby when he stopped and got a snack for the road that she sold 50 dinners (totally out) of meatloaf and had to go take the sign down as the meals were all call ins for pick up. Said if she could have 3 months of selling 75 % of her lunches she would make a good dent on the loss she had. We will be trying to do at least once a week if not twice to help her. 

We have a busy week ahead. Hubby is now answering calls with " hectic for the week". Seem like everyone was wanting him to driving them to Holmes co.

Monday we were supposed to be having taxes done. We got a call that the appt was canceled and it would be drop off only. So we are dropping them off on Tuesday and not making a special trip just to drop off.

SO instead of taxes on  Monday Hubby is calling to see if he can get in for his physical for the business. It's usually just walk in but they haven't always had someone in the office he goes into for it.

Tuesday we will drop off taxes and get our covid (Moderna) shots. First round. We have been checking and not seeing anything available near a hospital in case I have a reaction (has happened). I said something to my ortho doctor (which is not in my county) and he told me to watch the hospital scheduling he in with. I had checked yesterday morning... nothing open... checked yesterday afternoon and 4 appts were open. We grabbed 2. 

Wed and Thurs. are full days for Hubby to haul. It's supposed to be decent temps so I figure to be in the gardens cleaning up from winter. Suppose to SNOW again following Monday.

Friday is still open. If he doesn't haul anything we might go get the supplies for the gardens. 

He said except going to an auction or something he won't be doing much work with the business on Saturdays. I will not hold my breathe on that as he will get to thinking about the slow time through the summer and haul anyways.

I ordered 2 of this type of planters

 through Brandy The Prudent Homemaker's Amazon link. I got one in lime green (or it looks that way) and one in purple for the deck. I also got 2 of 30 inch tall rectangle shaped black planters to put at the front steps of the porch. I need some roll saucers for some of the other pots to keep the deck from getting ruined.

I have noticed that when the temperature is going down, the screw in my pelvic holding the hip socket in place aches. When the temperature is going up, the hacked off thigh bone (where they cut the ball off the bone and replaced it) aches. 

Blessed be

Thursday, March 18, 2021

a week crammed into a day

 Son2 is back home from annual training where he was support staff and bored out of his mind as he is used to being busy not sitting around twiddling his thumbs.

I sent him this

with the message "I miss you and love you more" 

He came back with

"That's not my chair."

Okay , it's not where he sits when here... so I sent this.

He was like" no thanks, that looks like work" 

I was sorting recipes as this was my recipe box when I was a private chef. 

ANYWAYS, he got home, found out his best friend is having surgery and was trying to be supportive on her , her ex and their kids and another "friend" got into a nasty snit over him helping someone. He ripped her as no one, no one including family comes between him and this friend. She wouldn't marry him when they were kids because she couldn't handle military life. He is not in love with her, but they will always love each other.  The friendship with the other, probably will not recover unless she grovels.

Daughter 4 is fighting the tummy bug (no news of when surgery is).... I must have gave it to her through texting. She had a friend from high school that she has stayed close to start dating a guy Daughter 4 put in jail for threatening her, he is on probation over it (got 5 yrs probation as he is an ex cop). THEN girlfriend had the nerve (had to be a lack of brains) to ask Daughter 4 if they could stay there a week so they could be together. NO. Then she asked for money to get a motel room for the week (He lives in OH she lives in KY) NO, Daughter 4 told her that would be giving her the money from ME that is paying her bills... girlfriend threatened to have boyfriend attack Daughter 4 until she gave them the money. Daughter 4 called cops, boyfriend called his PO when his brother saw what was texted. AND girlfriend is  without a friend and a boyfriend and sitting in jail. When Daughter 4 gets over the anger she will have a broken heart as this friend has stood with her through a lot. I got so mad I actually shook. I wanted to punch.

Hubby mentioned he was getting some weird political messages from a joint friend and asked if there was something going on. Then I got an email with a raging rant and a lot of political lies from him. I got a hold of a friend that lives near him to have them go check with his family as this is not normal for him. His family said he has been banned by Facebook, had the church talk to him and even tell him that he is not going to start his spew during church services. His wife is in denial that he needs help but his daughters did get him in to his doctor and found his sugar was over 300 and had been for a couple months. He has dementia and they (both daughters nurses) feel it Alzheimer's due to becoming aggressive. Both of us told the daughters if they need some thing more than the prayers we are giving to let us know. They asked us to let others know he is having medical problems. His older daughter told me she removed all women's contacts from his email because it seems he is more violent towards women. Since he is in Alabama and we are in Ohio, the threat is only going to be verbal. His knee and hip won't let him drive over an hour due to pain.

Hubby and I sat down and after talking over the "end a friendship day" we talked about the stimulus.

I have been crunching numbers off and on all day and had 4 plans we could take. 

We decided on plan 4 (which gave me the shakes also).

Plan 1...put it in savings which isn't earning all that much

Plan 2 split it between bills, gardens and savings

Plan 3 put back for front porch.

Plan 4 take stimulus and half the savings and pay off life ins loans, the medical bills from my surgery and the gardens now.

It's not like we don't have access to more income. Either of us to make a phone call and have money pulled from our IRAs.  Both of us get social security. But going down that low in savings triggered all the times we paid something off and then needed money and couldn't get it.

But reality is  we pay more in interest than we earn in savings so we will be saving money.  We can take April to reboot savings and start paying on mortgage in May. DEPENDING ON TAXES...We will find that out on Monday.

Since I was doing finances I called the propane company and the manager crunched numbers for me  figured we would have 1 more fill before next heating season and told me to order half of what I ordered last year as he could see I was going to have a large credit this year even with the winter we had. That's over $1000 less out go. YEAH!!! that means the air barrier has really worked as that is down 2 tanks of propane a year.

I put in to transfer the money, did the laundry and have it on the drying racks and kicked on the dish washer. 

Is it nap time yet?

Figuring out what I am planting is next on the to do list.

Blessed be


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Saving money

 I washed the foil and plastic bags we used.

We ate leftovers .

I put water in the hand lotion bottle.

I put water in the dish soap.

I transferred a dish cloth to the rag pile at the paper towels.

I break the dogs dental stick in 4ths and put one back in the bag. At the end of the month I have an extra 10 days for them.

I called the hospital about my surgery bill. They said it would be sent out in April. So I left the medical money sitting in the savings. 

I sorted my seeds and listed what I was out of or low on. Found 2 places that had them then searched for coupons/ codes. Finally ordered them saving about 40%.

I started working my garden plans. We hope to finish the original plans this year so after this it's maintain or update.

We bartered asparagus plants (we are ran over with a 4 x 100 ft patch) with L and A for 5 gallons of beet this coming fall. 

We bartered asparagus plants and 2 prayer bushes starts (red twig dogwood Amish call pray bushes)with H and M for repair Son 2 dresser.

We ran errands before going to chiropractic. We dropped off deposit for E at the bank, then picked up 50 lbs of flour for M. Then went to Menards to get oak veneer, adhesive and stain for Son2 dresser. I got small bags of inoculant as my order isn't going to come in like they thought. I went through the patio section and saw 2 chair cushions for kitchen porch and a canopy with mosquito netting for the deck at French doors like what we were trying to find 3 yrs ago when we bought this home. We crunched numbers with the 11% rebate and decided with it already on sale and the canopy on clearance we could do it. SO we got that. The old cushions will go to the deck for the metal chairs we have there.



Thursday, March 11, 2021

Old age and movement

 I did 12 deep knee bends at physical therapy Tuesday and both legs let me know on Wednesday I needed to do more of that if I didn't want to ache like I am HA HA.

Hubby raked the asparagus patch so I could spread the preen and green on it... E stopped in the middle of the road and asked what I thought I was doing as I had just had my hip replaced.  I just laughed.

We get comments all the time from the Amish about what work we do. We used to get it from the Englishers we lived around also. We are in our 60s not 80s LOL.

Yes we dig post hole manually though Hubby will sometimes go get the tractor and digger if it is more than 2 holes. Yes we climb of roofs, ladders for spouting issues, move limbs, etc. 

We both know when you stop doing the work, you stop being able to do the work as you are not moving those muscles. My parents always worked . Mom until she got cancer and we lost her, pop until the dementia won, Daddy until he literally could not walk any more. All were in their 80s. Hubby's parents retired at 68, bought a one floor home (they don't use the basement) and sat down to "enjoy" retirement. Now they can't walk up and down stairs, can't get in a tub, and both need to have surgery but because they didn't lower what they were eating while just sitting they have to lose a lot of weight to have surgery. Both weigh over 300 lbs. 

SO we will keep working, keep moving and keep walking the stairs like my parents. Handle the finances like Daddy.... The better your health the cheaper the cost of medical during the elderly years.

How are you preparing for the elderly years?

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

3 yrs today DAUGHTER 4 update

Daughter 4 update... She get blood work done Wednesday and see the doctor on Friday ( 12th) to discuss results from scan and what surgery ( just ovary removed or all removed) she will be having. She is coming up Monday to get some stuff I have for her and baby Lizzie... not sure if granddaughter will feel up to the ride. She caught the same stomach bug I had... SIGH.

We signed closing on this home 3 yrs ago today.

First one is what was taken for the realtor to advertise, the second one in 2019 when we got the fence up.

We have 117.5 things left on the punch list.

We have 26 years left on the mortgage. 

We have been paying extra on the mortgage so we got it down an extra year but as of yesterday we decided to "take the hit"

LORD BE WITH US as it's going to be squeaky tight around here.

We decided that starting June 1st  that ALL of our social security  and my IRA income from Daddy's to go to the mortgage. These are 3 incomes we never counted on when planning our retirement. I didn't think Daddy would out live his income let alone that he had that much income and we never counted on Social Security to be there when we did retire.

Hubby is going to put back what he was short this year during the pandemic ... how many of us started a brand new business in a brand new area in a pandemic??? ALONG with buying 2 new trailers and a new truck and all the costs of driving numbers (DOT AND MC #) and business start up with legal stuff SIGH and run it 9 months instead of 12.  I am surprised he was only short $150/ month.  and that included buying 2 sets of tires for trailers and 3 sets for truck. He now puts semi tires that hold up a lot better on the truck. He needs a third more to have what he needs and since I just did the business bills I know he can pretty much get that this month. He went back to work Saturday. THANK HEAVENS as he was starting to bug me by watching me. 

Our loan officer suggested using this site to see how extra payments would affect the loan

SO I put  the amounts in  started with just the extra payment, added my social security, then my IRA and then Hubby said add his social security.

Original date of pay off was April 1st 2048.

We have already cut a year off that so April 1 2047.

By starting June 1st 2021 and paying all the extra amounts...both social securities , extra payment in budget and my IRA....

Pay off date would be Sept 1st 2024 and last payment $87.42. ..

Kids are backing us on this which helps. 

Got to get around for physical therapy... yep should be able to handle a mild work out LOL

Monday, March 8, 2021

Bright and sunny day but cold until afternoon


It still has it's blooms now for about 2 months. 

Hubby sprayed the apple trees. 

Hubby moved the oak branches he trimmed to the back of the barn to finish drying some more before we cut it up for the fire pit.

Hubby checked where we had water over running a spouting. Must have had an ice dam inside it as there was nothing in the spouting.

Hubby checked the level of the propane. 

Hubby went to ACE and got Preen and Green (or something like that) using a coupon that was getting ready to expire saving 20%. He also stopped and got dog food at TSC that was $1 off a bag.

Hubby stopped at L and A to ask if they wanted to dig some of our asparagus plants up and they are getting to crowded here. We don't want anything for them but since they won't take them for free we offered to take beets. LOL

E said maple water (aka sap) is running on the south side of trees but not the north. That side is still froze. He is okay with that as he got ran over last year and was having to empty bags 4 times a day and still had some over filled. Said M got her bulk canning lids and more jars. She also got her seeds in.

I updated my "sitting" to do list. I started out with 43 when I went to surgery 3 wks ago (wow has it been that long?) and I am down to 21.

I listed what seeds I have as I am going to try for a 3 seasons garden. Daughter 4 was given pallets for garden beds by her daughter's man.... the 3 of them are going to be working at getting it together when it gets a bit warmer. I told her I could give her some seeds but not plants as I didn't grow any.

Yesterday I cut a chuck roast up, part went to cubes in freezer for a small batch of beef stew as I know being March in Ohio means we will get another cold spell. I roasted the rest and added 2 potatoes, 2 carrots and 1 onion for our supper... I actually ate yesterday , the last of the pizza rolls (gift from Son 2) for lunch and half what was on my plate of the beef roast and veggies. Leftover beef roast with the "broth" will be put in freezer for beef and noodles later. Noodles are already made and in pantry. I have

Daughter 4 is picking up Door Dash. Not getting much as she is only working a couple days a week. Her daughter is now riding with her so they split the money. Gives granddaughter practice time of driving (she was in a car accident so stopped getting her license and has a temp.) and daughter time out of the house so the 5 dogs can adjust to her not being home again. We figured out she needs to earn $15/ hr for 36 hrs to make ends meet without any payments of paying us back. That helps her when she is searching for jobs to know that if she gets something less than that she will have to cut her budget or get a second job.This year it's focus on just getting her well and back up on her feet. I don't see work that she will be able to do at first (she can't lift or pull) or work full time going straight back to work. She had done home health care but gets too attached. Not good with her own issues. She also had a friend who has always been self employed ,look over her taxes before she filed them... she had made a $1000 mistake (forgot to deduct her expenses as she is self employed with door dash). I am thankful that the friend caught it. As that lowered the what was owed.

I haven't been zeroing out the checking when the month's income comes in. I have been putting some on the loans and mortgage , a bit in savings but have left some sitting for IN CASE... in case one of the kids/grandkids need something or Hubby doesn't make enough to cover business bills or something is needed on the house. Taxes and hospital bills this month which the hospital did tell me it could be end of March beginning of Jan before I see that bill.

How is your spring looking?
Blessed be

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Over a year of stay at home

 We are looking at pretty much still being staying at home until June at least. 

I miss the kids, the grandkids, the great grandkids, Hubby's parents and my brother... but reality is they take too many chances of getting covid that I am not willing to risk getting around them much. So I will be wearing a mask probably for the rest of this year. I am okay with that. 

Hubby's sister in law has lung damage from Covid, my own sister in law does also. Both thought they were being safe enough but did not acknowledge that the "bubble" of their group was more than they thought. Example, daughter 2's bubble is her man, their 5 boys. Those 5 boys have other parents and siblings. Those other parents have their bubbles of family and those kids have "girlfriends/ boyfriends/ hang out friends... and they all came down with covid. My daughter put out on FB "to all my family and friends except Mom and Dad, we have covid. Why? because even the one time we were there I insisted we all wear our masks and we did a drop off and leave. We sprayed our clothes with Lysol before getting in the car. Washed our hands with hand sanitizer and put the masks in a plastic sandwich bag , sealed it and then resanitizered our hands. Maybe extreme but she didn't worry about us getting it.

Our supplies are low in some areas of non food but not wiped out. I can tell we have ate at home more as I am low on dishwasher soap.I should have 8 bottles (we were averaging 1 bottle a month precovid) and I have 4. I have 1 bag of peas, one bag of peas and carrots, no broccoli or cauliflower. That's okay. I have plenty of green tomato slices and asparagus (which will be in within 2 months) instead. Green beans and regular beets are low. 

I might not need as much flour as M asked if she could bake a loaf of bread every 7-10 days for us instead of me baking as their chickens are still not laying much more than what they used. Even though we have said she does not need to ,she insists on doing it because we let them harvest ice out of the pond. 

I do pray we can open businesses safely. I know half of the kids and almost all of the grandkids are struggling to make ends meet.


 Hubby worked for the first time since my surgery. He hauled 3 loads of horses to an auction about 15 miles away starting at 4:30 this morning with 9 stops to get all the horses.  Came in, sat down, took a nap and woke with the chills. Said he was glad he not only lysoled his truck, he lysoled himself before he came in.

I'm like STAY AWAY FROM ME LOL. We aren't even eating together due to it and Lysol is our companion LOL. Heavens I am not over it yet and don't need a second round. Doc's nurse had it two weeks ago, said you are contagious first 48 hrs but you will not feel back to your normal self for a good week, possibly longer since I just had surgery. SIGH. 

Last night I slept ALL NIGHT. A good 9 hrs. I have learned how to ditch a throw blanket, pillow for the leg and haul butt to the bathroom. I can tell you the new hip is not happy sitting any length of time on the toilet, less happy than the old one that was used to me sleeping on the toilet during crohn's attacks.

Charlotte will always take my pillow while I am in the bathroom and she does not care if I lay my head on her when I come back. 

I was hungry today... shock... had a sweet roll Hubby had baked, a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a handful of potato chips. That is the most I have ate since this crap hit. Hubby had 4 sweet rolls, a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. He's not sure if he will feel up to eating when he gets back as he just got a phone call that a horse needed transported for one of the Amish he transported this morning. IF he does it could be chili, his go to when the few and far between times he gets sick.

I did the laundry, let dogs out and in a million times. Sunshine but cold. Wilbur wanted to stay out and lay in sunshine but it was just too cold for his old bones.  Rascal wanders around the house to find sunshine he can lay it. Charlotte is going out and then back in every time we turn around. 

Hubby took recycling in... they asked if we were recycling everything as there wasn't much. Actually after  full month it was next to nothing. Hubby said he could have put it in an old clothes basket.

I wrote out addresses for Daughter 4 as they are doing a welcome home Lizzie party when Lizzie is born. 

I sorted more recipes. Have one more batch to do.

I worked a little (very little ) on planning the gardens for this year. 

I PUT MY THIN DRESS SOCK ON MY FOOT.!!!!!!! Which also means I can wash my own foot. Hubby is very thankful for that goal being meet.

I am still working on walking up and down stairs and doing frog legs aka butterfly stretches and balance on one foot with eyes closed.

Time for Charlotte to go back out LOL

Blessed Be  

Friday, March 5, 2021

watch what you ask for

 I am bored, I want something to do became 

I have 48 hr stomach bug and now am rushing to the bathroom. So staying mostly in the bedroom since I can make it to the potty in time...


Daughter 4 has it also... we have NOT been around each other. I told her she gave it to me through texting. She thinks she picked it up at the center when she got blood work done.

I canceled physical therapy for today. They said they are getting cancelations from people that came in after 1 on Tuesday so they are thinking it was brought in to registration (for entire hospital)/ waiting room.

Since I have it and Hubby doesn't we figured the PT.  

Thursday, March 4, 2021

dogs pics... I am bored

 I think Wilbur has a blanket across him on a daily bases. 

Rascal carries his baby... which is his ball. We have about a half of dozen on the same ball as Charlotte will take them and hide them from him. She plays a little with them... good at going to get the ball, not at bringing it back like Rascal does. 

Playing ball is not something Wilbur does. Probably because the grandsons didn't want him taking their ball as they practiced baseball when he lived with them.

Charlotte sleeps in this position a lot. Definitely feels safe.

I am bored... weather is nicer, snow mostly melted, mid 40s to high 50s all this coming week and I can't get in the gardens. SIGH... yes I know we will have more snow and cold before the end of March. We usually get 4 inches of snow in March in this area... so it's not like I am going to be doing much even if Hubby would let me off the leash (HA HA). I still have 20 things of sitting work to do... just tired of sitting.

I have cerebral palsy, pain meds cause it to flare up causing me to lose my balance and struggle to control my movements. Surgery were they move nerves only makes it worse. I am on B vitamin ( B6 is the one they said to use if I didn't want to take a complex B) at night time. Things are improving slowly. I still have no  desire to eat. I am underweight from where my GI wants me as I always lose 20 lbs during a crohn's attack and it's seems like forever to gain in back. If I had an attack now I would drop under 90 lbs... not good.

I am not sleeping well.Which means Charlotte is also up with me ... then it becomes I wake her up, she wakes me up cycle. Negative of living with an open floor plan that I can't get up and walk around (nor her) without waking Hubby or Rascal and Wilbur up also. 

Naps are a regular need now. THOUGH I don't nap no matter how tired after 3 pm.

I am bored.... LOL Whine whine whine.... Looks pretty out but I can see the windmill is facing north west and moving pretty good so that's a cold wind that I am not going out in. 

Going to go find something to do off the sitting list.

Monday, March 1, 2021

March in like a Lamb

 A big shout out to Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash for the lamb pic.

Just means March will go out like a lion. 

March is what we call the broken dam month... taxes ours, business and daughter's will be coming out this month. Daughter was able to cover her city and school taxes with the money she earned door dashing so she went ahead and paid them.

I will have $3300 to pay in medical.... at least that is my ( Hubby's is also $3300 but he never has that kind of medical bills) total out of pocket for the year. Got the first bill today.

We KNOW we need to install 3 more garden beds (2 for strawberries and 1 for veggies) We need dirt to transplant fruit trees to bigger pots (got the pots). I want some window boxes or pots for stuff also... I need to go walk the field for more rocks for the "rock" garden at the dining room windows freebie as it's OUR field.

We will be going to Kroger's for fresh produce since we will have a 3 hr wait between my first appt and our second appt tomorrow. Taking a cooler with us. 

MEANTIME... I would like the nerves in my leg to quit feeling like something is pinching them AND I would like to put my own sock on my own foot... I can take the sock off . I am taking my pain meds with me tomorrow because I figure about the surgeon does his thing and then I go through PT I will be in pain before I get home 90 min later.

What do you have plan for this month?

Blessed be

Last week of Feb

 I finished shelling the small red beans

The small red beans did very well this year. Baby lima, dark red kidney, navy and Cherokee Trail of tears weren't not as good. There are 4 more varieties to shell. I had 9 varieties.

I have 21 more "sitting work" on my to do list to cover the next 5 weeks that I am still doing PT. That's 4.2 things a week and right now the day after PT is NOTHING getting done except me hobbling around whining after a night of only 2 hrs sleep. I have asked the kids for cheese and bread sticks but Hubby was the one that got me cheesy bread sticks LOL.

He bought calzones and cheese bread sticks...not sure if that was to stop the whining or because he was tired of reheating stuff after HIS WHINING. He also came home with Arby's but that was because he was running about 2 hrs later than planned and didn't thaw anything for that day. He has been making sure he has something out the night before for right now. 

We pull out of the punch list. There is 8 things needing done, 6 of them are outside and will depending on the weather.

Hubby goes back to work starting Saturday. I am more than ready to have him out of the house during the day