Monday, February 28, 2022

Day to Day thinking of more frugal ideas

 Just another day of freezing ice followed by sleet followed by snow (at least it was a dusting not a dump).It seems to happen every 7 to 10 days. The lane is so iced Hubby told me to walk in the grass if I was going to the mailbox. I just let him go out to it instead as I already threw my  back out. I didn't go in early to chiro. Our insurance pays for 26 visits a year and thing over that we have to pay the full amount. Our regular appt is every 2 wks.... which is this coming Tuesday.

Laundry is on the drying rack. Dishwasher is unloaded. Lunch is leftover smoked sausage and mac and cheese. Supper is dried beef gravy over leftover rolls. Most likely I will toss some peas in it also. Applesauce for the fruit.

E offered what he calls slab wood for free as he needs to get rid of it. It's what is left of the outside edges (bark side) when he is cutting for lumber. Hubby got some to make potato crates so he is in the barn tinkering on how he is going to make these boxes. 

This will sit on the ground (or weed barrier) with potting soil on the bottom and then the potato eyes and then more potting soil. As the plants grow we will add garden soil and Hubby will add more to the sides. We will also grow sweet potatoes in this style of crate also.

Not quite what he is making but where the idea came from.

I figured up what we spent on ice cream at the store through last year. I did not include Belly Acre as we get ice cream as a dessert when there. We spent almost $200 between gallons, ice cream sandwiches, klondikes, push ups etc. I got a ice cream/frozen yogurt/gelato/sorbet maker for $60. Hubby already cleared an area in the barn freezer for the bowl. He decided he wanted ice cream first, then gelato then frozen yogurt and then sorbet LOL.

We went to Menards to get garden stuff. Saved $114 using our rebates and their sales. 

I had a company send me 5 lbs. of potato tubers when I ordered 3 lbs. as they weren't sure what kind of condition they would be in with the weather that was going through. Box was so wet it had been put in a plastic bag by our carrier but the tubers seem fine. They were slightly damp. I have them spread out on a towel to dry.

We ate from the freezers and pantry. I only need dairy and season salt from the store.

We turned the furnace down when we left for an hour or more. Which has almost put us back on to our regular schedule of propane to keep us from using more than I budgeted for.

I made 5 gallons of  laundry soap. Unlike M who made 50 gallons of laundry soap on Saturday as someone got a cow butchered and didn't want the fat, so she made tallow laundry soap. 

I used my digital credits and Amazon gift card from Pinecone research to buy Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals cook book and his 5 ingredient meal cook book. Hubby has been watching his cook shows and thinks it's great as he uses a lot of fresh in season veggies. At one time half the kids were using the 5 ingredient meal cookbook but not one of them kept the book.

How did your week go?

Blessed Be