Monday, February 17, 2020

Hubby's thoughts and death in the community

I whined about being behind due to health and what ever. Yes whined about being sick... sick and tired of being sick and tired.Thing we planned to do over the winter not getting finished ...whine whine whine. I need a glass of wine, with cheese and bread sticks... running joke with Son 2 who is our #1 whiner.

Hubby listened or tuned out, can't ever tell with him 😀

And then quietly said.... Have you been in the hospital?  NO

                                        Are you laying in the hospital? NO

then you are doing what you set out to do ... not be in hospital for 1 yr so they will lower your biologic to once a month... nothing else is as important as that... staying out of the hospital, not having Crohn's attack which triggers hiatal hernia attack. Then he hugged me...Hubby is not affectionate.

I told him I was sorry for the whine and he was right... he understood as when he was 16 and had to lay in bed 6 months due to rheumatic fever, he learned the lesson himself. He figured I needed to get the whine out before I went to stay with #1 whiner. 😛

This morning he let me know that the Amish community had lost a child... really just a baby that he had taken more than once to the hospital in Columbus for testing and treatment for the seizures.  Community in mourning , funeral tomorrow.  My heart aches for them.

Hubby suggested I figure out what our outdoor priorities are and what our inside priorities are so depending on the weather we can get things done for March.

I am taking all the garden stuff to plan what is going where and when to Son 2's.
My laptop,kindle and some reading books.