Tuesday, July 11, 2023

3 jobs and Frugal moments

 Sunrise started with fog coming across the fields. Never crossed the road. I think Charlotte "scared" it. 😂

Hubby and I was talking about how he felt with closing down his business. At first he was trying to figure out something else to do with it as  it was hauling and odd jobs, he knows he needs purpose.... then after dealing with spraying the lane for weeds, mowing twice in one week, picking apples and twice helping one of the Amish, he decided he was fine with closing it down. He also after I repeatedly nagged about going up to the sawmill and ordering a wagon of scrap wood (about 4 cords would be enough to finish what we need for this winter), he stopped and the Amish owner asked if he would be interested in doing some "cleaning up" around the mill in exchange any wood he cleaned up was free for him. He will start next week when he has his truck back. Should be hearing something about that today or tomorrow. Hubby looked at the wood that needs cleared... said he was going to have to take the chainsaw with him and the Amish guy was going to ask the other Englisher that owns the fork lift at the mill if Hubby could use it. Hubby thinks about 2 weeks of work that he wouldn't have gotten while hauling and it's FREE wood for our stove and a discount on the wagon full he ordered that will come in this fall because the Amish couldn't find anyone willing to clean it up.

HB stopped over and asked if Hubby could help him dig post holes. Hubby has a post hole digger for the tractor. Got that job done in 1 hrs. 

E stopped last night and asked if Hubby could use his red horse (aka tractor not the truck ) to pull a wagon with steel wheels loaded with hay. As E doesn't want the wagon to go more than 10 mph with that type of wheel, it would damage the road. That will be tomorrow barring rain. 

Then he mentioned I was doing 3 jobs... I asked what he was thinking of... gardening, processing the food, and finances of keeping frugal. I noticed home keeping was not on that list. 

We harvested the last of the peas and pulled them. I have zucchini, red and golden beets, red raspberries, golden raspberries and the beginning of blackberries harvested. I still have blueberries in the frig to do today and should be getting a call in next week or two that the cherries are in.

I got to thinking, after the second cup of coffee this morning that I needed to puree 2 cups of each of the berries, put in a sandwich bag, then freezer bag to freeze for ice cream this fall and winter. I already did it with the strawberries. 

I use grape jelly, about 1 tablespoon in my stir fries for a glossy sauce. I told Hubby I wasn't making it because I only have a large jar of grape jelly and I knew it would go bad before we used it up. I will use it in thumbprint cookies. I got to thinking about the small jelly and jam packages at restaurants... I ordered them through Amazon.  Hubby laughed and asked if we could have a few in the "jelly, jam and fruit butter" pan in the frig. I have a sheet cake pan to keep that together otherwise I find half used ones with mold shoved to the back.

We have not turned on the AC. Hubby wanted to a couple times at night. I told him to switch to sleeping in his "gym shorts" instead of flannel pjs. He's now complaining of getting too cool (use the freaking blanket and close down the window beside you.) 

We bought take out Chinese on Friday late afternoon (got lunch prices) we ate it Friday, Saturday and Sunday for lunch. I was either harvesting or canning 12 hrs. a day.  I have 2 cases of wide mouth pint jars left. Having to use quart jars now for everything.  Hubby strongly suggested I order more wide mouth pints.  I will have to price them first.

I best get back to the blueberries, Hubby is picking apples today.