Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cold weather

I feel lucky, this morning was the first time we lost power through all this bad weather and it was only out 3 hrs.

We ate leftover pork roast sandwiches on and odds and ends out of the frig for dinner on Saturday.

Scalloped potatoes and ham and I tossed some sliced carrots in with it from the left over ham bone.

Last night we had homemade beef and veggie soup and homemade bread. I made a large batch of beef and veggie soup at Thanksgiving and canned it. Was nice to open the jar up and enjoy the soup.

Tonight we had pot stickers and eggs rolls. I had several in the deep freezer and was tired of moving it around from shelf to shelf.

Right now I am trying to get our bedroom above 44 degrees with the heater vent wide open and the furnace at 72. I have our electric heater in there now and hope by time I crawl in to the bed it's at least 55. I feel like I am back in my childhood bed, at least I don't find snow on top of my covers or my water beside my bed froze solid.

Stay safe, stay warm
Blessed Be