Monday, April 3, 2023

Better but not well...

Hubby said he used to see Rascal do this when I was sick but it's the first time he has seen Charlotte do it. He was surprised she didn't turn and look at him so he figured she was sound to sleep also.

I ate 3 bites of grilled chicken breast, 5 cooked baby carrots and 1/3 cup of mashed potatoes and retriggered the stomach SIGH. But reality is I HAVE to eat.  At least I am not "living" in the bathroom.😁  I actually walked around the perimeter 3 times in one day VERY slowly but I did it. Today I hung clothes on the line by myself... tummy a bit upset over the movement but not triggered much. LORD PLEASE.  

Since I couldn't do any manual work, I did paperwork. Budgets are redone, to do lists .. Hubby's, mine and ours (what takes both of us) is updated. 

We even tossed some future ideas around when I asked how we were going to mow if there is no way to get fuel. Hubby's first thought was E using his horses... that will work for the pond but since E mows our pond because we mow his small pasture as he can't get the horses turned around with the mower (mower is to the side not straight behind him). That thought isn't going to work especially if Hubby isn't picking up the horse crap after E mows . We might be able to "rent" his push mower and kids to mow around the yard. He is got that on his "think about" list. 

 Since most of the garden is above ground... I don't have to think about that.   I had already went through my kitchen appliances to figure out what I would have to do instead of using it. Though we did talk about more herbal and flowers for holistic and food. He asked if I would try growing sunflowers. 

We talked about how we used to get 5 colors of fruits and veggies daily and our grains etc... and why we don't now.  I showed him what I had written on the calendar which of course we haven't followed since I have been sick. He definitely pointed out we were doing a lot of stir fries (one sheet baked), 123 pasta(1 onion, 2 cups protein and 3 cups veggies), loaded pizzas and almost always had salad with the pasta and pizza. Snacks were fresh fruit in season with cheese and crackers.

We canceled see the kids, then we didn't go to baby shower on Sunday. We did check on everyone as tornadoes hit close to some family and friends. Everyone okay... some got roof damage but not bad.

I saw this and thought >>> WOW. why did I not learn this in school? Brother who taught history said that kind of stuff was kept quiet. He was "speeding".

Be safe

Blessed Be 

comparing Feb to March finances

 Business income was up, interest was up. I counted cash back since it was up so high. We got a new credit card at the local TSC to get a discount on a  purchase. It actually pays more back that our other credit cards for general stuff. 

Irregular expenses were down along with down grid/maintenance, dog, and business.

Medical/oop was up , garden was up and since we are doing a lot of changes to make it easier for 1 person to deal with, we put it in it's own category. Household was up due to grocery/eating out budget being up. We will not do 4 days straight of appts again if we can avoid it. Another out go was I cashed 2 CD's and then bought 2 other CDS with better interest rate.

Over all I felt it was okay.... Hubby was disappointed there wasn't a big amount paid extra on the mortgage. He also is very worried about losing money like we did in 2008. I showed him how the budget would be cut (already have some but he didn't realize that) and where money would be to help pay the bills. That calmed him.

 I did remind him that he can't go to the store and just buy what ever. He needs to stay to the list. If he sees something on sale that he needs... he needs to CALL me and see if it's in the budget. Tractor Supply CO (TSC) is where that happens a lot. I still don't know what he bought twice, he didn't give me the receipt and he can't remember. It is in his trip log he stopped there so he was in the work truck. But he put it on the home CC not the business CC. Since there are several small projects he is working on, it's hard telling what was bought but it racked up over $100 between the two.

Stay safe 

Blessed Be