Wednesday, December 11, 2019

one year pantry part 3

I still have turkey broth to can as I just cooked 2 of the last 3 turkeys yesterday.Meat is in the freezers but the carcasses are still simmering. I also still have pickled onions to can and onion marmalade to can.

row one and two
first bucket is jasmine rice and the box is the rose fingerlings potatoes I grew
second bucket is basmatic rice and the box it the Russian fingerlings potatoes I grew.

Row 3 and 4 . The bucket you barely see has dark brown sugar, light brown sugar , and powdered sugar. There is a box of Swedish fingerling potatoes we grew.The bucket on the crate is dried homemade noodles. The next bucket is ramen noodles with the purple fingerling potatoes we grew. The 3 buckets with the popcorn tin on top is regular sugar. 

The bucket is par boiled rice, the crate is more pie pumpkins and jack be little pumpkins.
This is the dried veggies from the garden, dried fruit, condiments, fermented foods and canned fruit

One year pantry part 2

this is the gray frig I do not trust BUT unless we need milk I won't be going back to the store until Jan. SO it got loaded.

my Hoosier cabinet in the kitchen
small bookcase of baking and canning items in kitchen

dry goods cabinet in dining room

from top of basement stairs
red onions, yellow onions , shallots and garlic are hanging on the walls.Bottom buckets from left to right are bread flour, sugar and long grain rice.
from left to right bucket of white Lily corn meal, minute rice , gallons of cooking oil, white vinegar and yellow onions
Left to right bucket, dried hash browns, crate russet potatoes, bucket dried diced potatoes, crate yukon potatoes, bucket dried sliced potatoes, crate red potatoes, buckets are all purpose flour... one is only got 1 pound in it and a tray of sweet potatoes

These buckets hold White Lily all purpose flour, White Lily bread flour, White Lily self rising flour, 00 flour , semolina flour, old fashion oats, and instant oats. There is patty pan squash, pie pumpkins, butternut squash, acorn squash and spaghetti squash.

This cabinet is a dry goods of desserts and side dishes. The dessert overflow is in the wringer washer. It's what I know we will use in the next 3 months.
I put the lid on the washer and then a weight on it  so nothing can get in it.

What a year's worth of food looks like PART 1...lots of pics

In this area I am more like a homesteader and since I live in an Amish (No we are not Amish or Mennonite) I finally fit in.

A year's worth of food for the two of us is
912.5 pints of veggies at 5 servings a day for each of us.
730 pints of fruit at 4 servings a day for each of us.
A pint is a pound the world around as the saying goes.
Not touching beans, condiments of any kind, meat (I don't can meat but I might start as my sister in law cans a great meatloaf in pint jars.) Not touching potatoes, garlic, onions, carrots, celery, rice and other grains.... it can be over whelming if you have not been raised this way as I was.

Kitchen frig after we added the fresh veggies and the stuff needed for Christmas dinner this weekend with SCARES group and Christmas eve with Son 1.

It's a little on the full side 😄😄
Small deep freezer in barn

a year supply of unsalted butter and 2 hams also are in this.

Deep freezer 1 * meat,veggies, breads, cheese,leftovers.

Deep freezer 2
ravioli, bread, cheese, fruit, veggies , chicken

Deep freezer 3
fruits, cheese, meat, bread, appetizers.

Black frig that was just moved from front room to basement

The large meat is a boneless prime rib. I ordered and paid for a 4-5 bone in prime rib for our Christmas eve with Son 1.BUT they did not get the correct thing in so took $3 off per pound for their mistake. IF I had been in the store I still would have only bought 4-5 pounds. HUBBY decided that was a great deal and took the whole thing since it came out to the same amount I paid for the other. Now I have a 20 lb prime rib that needs dealt with. He suggested a couple roasts, some steaks and then line slice some for philly steak subs and philly steak pizza. At least he thought it through BEFORE getting in the truck with