Friday, January 19, 2024


 Son2 is going to be teased for awhile. He finished paying me the money he borrowed in Dec. He paid $100/month (he chose the amount to pay back each month). My 65th birthday was this past week. The day before I saw $100 deposit from him in my checking. I called and asked if he had forgot to cancel that transfer even though I reminded him several times.... he said it was for my birthday... I laughed but then he admitted he had forgot to cancel it but didn't want it back to buy something I was putting off for myself. If he forgets again, I warned him I would not be returning it. Said that was okay, he would claim it was for our anniversary which is next month. LOL.  He asked for advice on some savings and I suggested Ally for CDs. To get the No Penalty CD that way if he needs it he can cash it in and not pay a penatly. He was complaining his mortage went up... I told him to look again,it's probably property taxes and insurance. It was. 

Last week we saved a total of $161.97. $80.98 went to saving, $80.98 went on mortgage. Penny went to penny jar. I stocked back up my coffee to go 3 yrs, bought a book on sale and 3 puzzle picture frames as Hubby is doing puzzles again and we can hang a few of them on the walls.  

This week, since I know the only that is going to be bought is milk if that. The total saved is $191.27. $95.63 to savings, $95.63 on mortgage and penny to penny jar.  I bought coffee for Hubby (he drinks dark or French roast , I drink meduim). Bring that up to 3 yr. supply.Savings on a new pair of insulated rubber boots that finally just fell apart (over 7 yrs old) while Hubby was pulling logs from the woods. Savings of  meds using Good RX Gold. Saved $73 on two meds. And I bought 2 pairs of boots like what I have that was on sale. The money I saved on the two is as if it was buy one get one free. One will go to storage, the other will be for when we go places and the pair I have now is for every day.  

I transferred some of the savings money to 2 of 9 month high yield CD's at Ally. Right now the rate is 5.15% for that. I also did 2 of 6 month high yield CD's for 5% . I like Ally as I don't have to have a minuim (first one I had was with $100) and I am making 0.01 % at the regular bank.  I have a money market acct that I use for medical (putting that amount budgeted in to it) that earns 4.4% right now. I have savings there also earning right now 4.35%. 

Prayers for peace

Stay safe 

Blessed Be