Thursday, January 8, 2015

What I am doing

or still doing... besides trying to stay in out of the wind chills of below 20° and moan about Pat having to go to school which means I have to go out in wind chills of below 20° to drive him down the 2 tenths of lane because I sure am not going to have him walk in something I wouldn't walk in myself as an adult.

I blended the rest of our horseradish from the garden...end with a mess mid way as I didn't get the blender back together correctly and ended up with horseradish slung EVERYWHERE.

Tried to find some seeds that I want...Excalibur F1 parsnip, Riccia Parsley, Forest Green Mizuna and Amerliore Turnips...striking out so far.

Mending is caught up.

Finances are done plus I reworked the budget to start saving for seeds  and the Scioto Valley produce auction in April.

Checked the groceries...nothing needed....might need milk over the weekend but that should be about it.

One solid week of eating from the pantry.... YES!!!!!

Got to get back to it.