Wednesday, January 27, 2021


 Daughter 4 checked... she knows she can't file taxes until mid Feb. But she was just wanting to know what she was going to pay in from doing door dash and instacart. She was figuring a couple hundred between state and fed and had that back.

She did NOT get the $600 stimulus  but what she did get..

was her paperwork for unemployment that did NOT take taxes out. EVEN though I saw what she marked when she filed for them to TAKE TAXES out. 

She freaked.... As between all of that she is almost owing $1K. Federal... she could not handle looking at State. 

I reminded her she was not behind on child support. Her ex just gives the money to the son as allowance. It's $20 a week. Like she was 2 yrs ago for 2 kids at $50 a week for EACH. She can make payments if needed as she can show she's off work due to cancer. CALM DOWN. We can pay it and tack it on her loan. CALM DOWN. 

Doesn't help she pulled a tendon  in her elbow to shoulder 

walking one of the dogs. They slid on ice, dog one way and her another. Her dogs are as big as mine.  

She's bored so a friend lent her a carpet cleaner to clean her furniture as she has all wood floors and no throw rugs(the dogs played tug of war with her throw rugs). Radiation is to start along with the chemo she is on this week for 3 wks... then rescan and possible surgery.. I remind her that the light is in that tunnel, faint but in the tunnel.

She's also upset because she can't help me spring clean and nether can Son 2. Her for medical and he is leaving for AT about the same time I have surgery.SO he is having to get a friend to cat sit as I can't get down to change the litter box (automatic but still needs dumped). The other 4 are too scared they might give me covid as they all deal with the public.   At this point I really don't want them in the home anyways. I don't think they wear their masks like they should and are in "friends and other family" homes without masks. In this state you are to wear a mask if you are NOT in your OWN home and guests are to wear them in YOUR home.

Masks suck... but I would rather have a mask on than get covid. My SIL who is 48 is still sick from it and it messed her lungs up real bad. They aren't sure where they picked it up as the whole family including Brother's in laws and the church got it. He is in and out of funerals, she is a preacher with her brother, their kids are working in businesses that are open. They hang out with family and friends that don't live with them without their masks. Lesson learned. I hope it doesn't cost her her life as she already has a pacemaker.

Back to work... another round of decluttering the east loft

Motivation Monday Task Tuesday Waste not want not Wed.

Heavens what a week.

Since trash is hauled to the road on Monday night. My motivation was to check all 3 frigs for anything that needed tossed(lost celery that Hubby forgot to wrap tight with the foil). I also finished decluttering the "bucket"(flours and oats in 5 gal buckets) room. Had 2 bags of trash, some recyclables and 3 boxes of stuff to go to Daughter 4. She uses it, passes it on or sells it.  I started a spreadsheet to track what we buy from Amazon. It helps to keep track of stuff and the amount not going on to pay the mortgage down. 😁Boy did that comment make Hubby change his mind about ordering some stuff.

A neighbor sent over a meal... 3 glass containers that were 8 x8 inches. Main dish in one, two sides in the other and a dessert in the 3rd.... just the right amounts for us to have 2 meals from it. Hubby liked the idea of the 3 dishes, he asked if we had any thing that size... NOPE. We hadn't downsized those type of dishes. He did order those from Amazon after going through The Prudent Homemaker site. Maybe we won't have so many leftovers in the freezer because we got tired of eating it.

I made a casserole that I got off Amish365. Zucchini hamburger casserole. Texture was soft like custard can be. We really liked it and have leftover in the freezer for when I am down with surgery.

Task Tuesday...

I used my walker and walked around the 1st floor to make sure I can get around safely after surgery. 

I spent 30 minutes working in the east loft decluttering.

I updated finances and the calendar.

Then I went to bed sick... 24 hr bug

Waste Not Want not Wednesday.

Hubby used the last piece of chicken in the frig to make a wrap (tortilla wrap) for his lunch as he will be between jobs and will be able to eat.

I took a package of thin sliced beef out of freezer for supper. Not sure how it's going to be used until I know what time Hubby is going to get in. If it's going to be late it will be wraps (he loves wraps but not sandwiches)