Thursday, April 21, 2016

Frugal week big time last week

I turned off the furnace during the day and a couple nights.

We went to a near by community that was having their yard sales. We were able to get a couple tools we needed to replace, some odds and ends for the kitchen that needed to be down sized since it's just the two of us and I found 3 skirts, 1 skort and 1 pr of cropped jeans for a total of $9. The one skirt is a favorite style so I will make a pattern from it also.

We had 2 coffee makers die but with luck we found another on clearance and was within the budget I had set for replacement, actually it was $25 less.

I used my coupons and got a shirt from Kohl's so I only had to pay taxes on it.

I used my coupon at Jo Ann fabric and got 50% off some sewing items I was out of.

There is a small grocery store that we shop at once a month for the sales...last week was a HUGE score. They had buy 2 get 3 free.... I got...

2-3 lbs of skinless, boneless chicken breast and got 3 free.. came to be 1.20/lb

2- 1 lb bacon and got 3 free ...came to be  $1.96/lb

2-1 lb kielbasa and got 3 free  came to be $ 2.11

2-14 oz smokey links and got 3 free ...came to be $1.60 ( I use this for entertaining in BBQ sauce or pigs in a blanket wrapped in homemade bread dough)

2- 12 oz smoke sausage links (like hotdogs) and got 3 free  ...came to $1.60( we take some to a friend's home when we do cook outs together, I cut 1 up for baked beans or 123 pasta I make)

2-8 oz shredded cheese and got 3 free ...came to $1.26

2- 12 oz light and fluffy noodles and got 3 free...came to 94¢ each

We also got...

5 lbs of russet potatoes, 5 lbs of red potatoes, 3 lbs of yellow onions, 2 lbs of baby carrots, and 1 lb of celery hearts in the buy 2 get 3 free so each was bought for $1.20

2 lbs of deli ham (chipped chopped) and got 3 sides free...$2.85 . We ate this for our lunch while checking yard sales since we had the coolers with us. Lot cheaper and healthier than the local fast food

I got 10 lbs of chicken leg quarts for 59¢ a lb I made 7 qrts of broth off this also

I got a turkey for 69¢ a lb (Half the price it was at Thanksgiving) I made 7 qrts of broth off this also

I got portibella mushrooms 2 for $4

I got pasta 10 for $10

and milk for $2.50 a gal

I got points for my fuel card ( 36¢ , kind of like Kroger's)

I got 30¢ off my total bill for having my own bags.

By time it was all done and over with I had saved 50% on what I bought, I had a few items that wasn't on sale.

Freezers are full, pantry is in good shape, staples are in good shape...

Blessed be