Monday, July 11, 2022

Okay... here we go with the grocery budget...$42.37/month


milk $3.49

half and half $2.69

heavy cream $2.79

cottage cheese $2.99 (Hubby added it for stuff pasta shells, manicotti and lasagna)

Total $11.96

Once a month 

celery $1.79

carrots $2.19

tricolor bell peppers $4.29 (I can't eat green ones)

White mushrooms $4.19

Portabella mushrooms $5.99

Total $18.45


We will be out of choc. bars (we put peanut butter on them ), chips and soda.


of turkey, chicken breasts, chicken thighs, chicken wings, peanut butter... maybe cube steak, round steak, dinner sausage patties and G&R (Bar in Waldo OH) bologna AFTER wood/coal stove, chimney, propane, batteries for solar water pump and the saw is paid off.

I could and have dropped it lower than that but I don't want to trigger feelings of DEPRIVED in Hubby


 Bought a new toy... okay, it's not a toy. He replaced his saw to cut the wood for the wood/coal stove.... 

It's a buzz saw that has connects to the tractor ... the tractor is the "motor" that runs the saw (like his tiller, back hoe etc.). It will cut his time spent cutting by 75%. He is going to set up a table so he doesn't have to cut wood in half and can run it like a table saw cutting plyboard.

He has learned that you don't lean forward and to have a good grip on the guard 

He was thankful it didn't really cut the nose(nasty scrape) or break his glasses... It didn't break his nose. I kept my mouth shut as E was giving him the lecture of why you don't use that type of saw without a second person with you and he checked Hubby out. 

Lesson learned (I HOPE)