Saturday, December 24, 2022

Level 3

 in this area we are level 3. Means we can be arrested if on the roads without reporting to essential work or going home from essential work. Personally with it a negative 31in temp and gusts over 50 mph... we are NOT going out. 

Got 1 kid without heat, furnace went out. or water pipes froze, she forgot to let them drip when she lost heat. They got space heaters and bought water as they can't get anyone to fix it until Jan. She's planning on the pipes being busted so turned the main water off. She rents so notified her landlord what happened and he brought her some water and a space heater he had.

Another kid had their car go down while going after one of their kids' whose car went down. 

Son 1 will not be up due to weather. He is coming up next weekend when it's suppose to be in the 50s (pneumonia weather).

We might not be going Christmas day to drop off Christmas and to daughter 2's to see grandson in from deployment, he thinks he is being sent back to Italy which he loves. That sucks we might not see him but we went through the same thing with son2, so even though it tugs the heart, we know we need to stay safe and a 2 hr. drive one way might not be safe as the wind is still causing white outs and drifts not to speak of windchills if you break down.

E came over and checked the thickness of the pond. The kids want to skate on it and he wants to go ahead and cut ice for the ice house as he is worried about it staying warm after this. Normally it would be 2 1/2 to 3 inches . He won't let kids on it unless it's at least 4 inches. It's 6 and will be closer to 7 on Monday when they skate on it. Tuesday he will be cutting ice. 

Even though it's Christmas eve, the day runs the same, feed the stove, feed dog, feed stove, do laundry and hang on drying rack, feed stove, feed us with a couple drag dog out on leash to potty as she won't just go out. She did get Hubby through the night to do business...on the steps to the porch but at least she was out. 

Prayers everyone is safe and warm.

Blessed be

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Happy Holidays.

Prayers for peace